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Making Space For More Play with Laura Haver

What would happen in your life and business if you made more time for play? Today on the show I’m talking to Lara Haver about how (and why) you should infuse more fun into your life and business. When you’re a solopreneur it’s pretty hard to draw that hard line between life and business. Especially […]

Collage of a pickle on a fork over a polish cityscape with dill around the edges and Christmas lights on the top and bottom.

Pickle Soup

Yup, pickle soup. Sounds weird, right? That’s kinda what made me wanna try it. 🤷‍♀️😬 Kristen Bell made it on a lil’ holiday show I watched the other day called Baking It. Apparently it’s a Polish tradition? So when I headed to the grocery, I had on my list: POLISH Pickle, not Kosher. The recipe made […]

Habit Change for Creatives with Lara Buelow

Why do we struggle with goals and how can we make them more fun & sustainable? Have you ever felt like you sucked at making goals. I mean, maybe you’re good at making them but it’s the keeping them part that you’re not so hot at? Ok, same. And this episode is for us. I’m […]

Tie dye background with a transparent white triangle on top split into three sections: body at the bottom, people in the middle, and yourself at the top. The bottom reads: Life Force Phil Stutz.

I’ve been neglecting these 3 things…

I’ve still been processing that documentary I talked about a few weeks ago called Stutz. And it kind of inspired me to choose a word of the year. Technically two words. Are you ready for them? 💥 LIFE FORCE Cool right? Kinda star warsie. 🤣 I released a podcast episode about this, you can listen to […]

Don’t Sleep on Your Life Force

I love the IDEA of a word of the year, but if I’m being honest, they don’t usually stick for me. My most successful one was Fuck it. 🤣 Which is technically two. But that really helped me lean into just going for things and experimenting with stuff.  “Should I try this?”“What if it doesn’t […]

I’m a little too proud of myself for this…

I quit the gym this week. It was kinda funny because I feel like most people are JOINING the gym the first week of the new year. 🤷‍♀️ I always join with high hopes and then fizzle like a mother. Plus, Matt and I are trying really hard to get on a budget and when […]

5 words that changed my life

Matt and I watched the Netflix documentary Stutz a couple weeks ago, and I cannot stop thinking about it. It’s a documentary directed by Jonah Hill about his therapist named Phil Stutz. It’s truly fascinating, and within the first 20 minutes I had the biggest shift in my business brain I’ve had in a while. […]

The heart wants what the heart wants…

Tomorrow’s the big day. We’ll load the kids up in the minivan and head down to Santa’s Wonderland at the local Bass Pro Shop to visit the big guy. I kept saying I wanted to bring them early to really lock in their answers when it came to gifts. I DO NOT want any last […]

A haiku lamenting bubbles of the past…

When we bought our house in 2019 it had a hot tub. It wasn’t on the list of things we were looking for, but it found us. It was fate. 😍 But then in the fall of 2020 it stopped working. 😭 After years of battling the home warranty company, and accidentally sending the repairman […]

You’re cooler than you think

If you’ve been reading all these posts can I just tell you how much I love you being here for this? Having a business can be such hard work, and you spend so much time tip tapping on your keyboard wondering if anyone is even gonna read it. So if you’re here, you are who […]

What BBQ Tofu + Aretha Franklin have in common

She ordered the BBQ Tofu sandwich, so she wasn’t like your typical Mary Kay lady. But she did have a pink Cadillac though. And she drove it all the way from Lexington Kentucky to Richmond Virginia for my grand opening! 🎉 The “grand” opening was like 5 of my friends who felt obligated to show up to my apartment […]

Bernadette Peter’s eyelashes

Ok, so yesterday I talked a little about my wedding. Lemme tell you something else about that wedding… I DIY’d the eff outta it. Before we even started planning the wedding, Matt and I agreed that we’d rather serve hot dogs and be able to invite more people than have some fancy meal for less […]

The best I told you so EVER!

“And here’s the stairs where I want to get a photo of everyone who comes.” (I said it with a grand gesture because the photo I was picturing in my mind was going to be epic.) Matt’s mom was like, “EVERYONE who comes to the wedding? Not just the wedding party?” Me: Yup. 😬 Her: I don’t know if that’s even […]

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