Visual content receives 94% more views than text-only marketing.

crazy huh, 94%!


Wanna get 94% MORE attention 
WITHOUT teaching yourself graphic design or 
relying on boring templates everyone’s tired of seeing? 

It's ongoing support to keep your feed lookin' fresh

Check out VIP Days

Monthly design support is a special offer for former VIP Day clients

  • Stop their Instagram scroll. STAT.
  • Read your caption. Yes, people still read, I promise. 
  • Join the conversation in the comments 
  • Like the heck out of it 
  • Share it to their stories 
  • DM it to friends 
  • Send you messages saying how much your message landed 
  • Tap that follow button 
  • Visit the link in your bio

All the things we want to happen so we can do what we love and make more MONEY doing it.

Which means, your peeps will: 

Let's make your visuals pop and be the

You get the idea.

Marketing your business doesn’t have to suck.
I help make it easy, and dareisay fun!?

get started with a VIP Day

Plus, she understand my voice and aesthetic. She's put the spunk in my Instagram feed which I really wanted to show to my followers.

Deanna gets the graphics right the first time all the time which saves me so much freaking time!"

- Julie Brown, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Podcaster

"I loved Deanna's style - her graphics were always so fun and I wanted that for my own.

Let’s get you off the hamster wheel of Canva frustration already with monthly graphic design support from me!

you're not alone.

So if you currently hate it, dread it, or are just wasting so much time trying to make templates look good…

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they waste so much time in Canva, “I’d be livin’ like a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills right now.”

  • You feel like you’re wasting time trying to make graphics that really show how cool your stuff is, but it's just not working.
  • You started your business because you have cool ideas, you’re awesome at what you do, and you’re passionate about helping others… not because you wanted to spend half your days trying to be your own damn graphic designer.

I’m the creative graphic designer who whips up kickass visuals for you, helps you dream up amazing campaigns, and supports you every step of the way. 

With the pressure off, you can log out of Canva and focus on growing your business and making money. 

I work with: 

  • Freelancers
  • Service Providers
  • Coaches
  • Thought Leaders
  • Podcasters
  • YOU

This is for you if you’re a personal brand that wants to have consistent, kickass, custom, on-brand designs.

I've really appreciated the help getting a fresh perspective for the marketing I've been building. It's easy to get stuck in ruts. Deanna has been able to breathe some new life into what I was doing.

She communicates really well with expectations and deadlines and turns stuff around really quick!"

- Keri Boyce, Marketing Manager

"I can do graphic design, but I'd much rather work with Deanna to get the job done.

How it works:

First, you book a VIP Day of your choice.

Packages are usually in the $350-$500 range.

During your VIP Day, we can map out exactly where you need support and I’ll create a custom monthly package just for you.

After your VIP Day, I’ll email over a custom proposal, and if you’re into it, we set up your payments and get to work!

but her fun and sassy personality draws you in and makes the process enjoyable. It's like Christmas morning when I get to see my finished graphics.

I was blown away by how well she captured my style and created fresh and bright graphics that were beyond what I expected. She was very open to hearing my ideas for some other things I wanted and I couldn’t be happier.

- Roben-Marie Smith, Artist and Educator

Deanna is just plain fun to work with. Not only is she professional and uber talented

She showed me how to be open-minded about what was possible with my design--to see all these fantastic things as an opportunity and solution to be dorky and creative with my work and brand! Deanna is a massive part of how I found my voice in content and design. She was the cornerstone in how I see myself as a Coach!"

- Kathleen Oh, Psychedelic Educator

"With a deep love for beauty and organization, Deanna came along...

I know you already have a ton of amazing ideas in that beautiful brain of yours, you just need my help to shake ‘em out and turn ‘em into magical, share-worthy visuals that will grab your ideal client's attention.

And… I don’t like to brag, but people also say I’m freakin’ hilarious. So, I’m pretty fun to work with too.

It’s true. I love coming up with new ideas and creative ways to visually represent those ideas. 

A friend once described my creativity as a bubble machine. The ideas just keep coming and coming. 

Whattup!?! I’m Deanna.

Just sayin'.

opening the door and sharing my private thoughts and life, but Deanna has been absolutely incredible and patient working with me on this new adventure.

She meets me where my comfort zone is but at the same time gives me an extra little nudge to help me overcome some of these fears in order for me to move ahead and help my business grow. Her positive, playful, and kind disposition has brightened my life and taken my business to the next level."

- Jillian Speck, certified Recovery Coach

"I was worried about putting myself out there on social media...

Imagine not having to make any graphics all month and then when you get them it’s like Christmas morning! 

(words from happy clients on delivery day)

A's for all your Q's...

Will every graphic be different?

YES! Every graphic will be a custom graphic.
They'll use the same brand colors, fonts, and overall style. But the design of the graphic and the information on the graphic will be their own work of art for your business. 

You won't be just rotating through drag and drop templates. Each graphic will be fresh and new but with your unique branding to tie them all together. 

How do we pick deadlines?

Much like you'd pick a day each week to meet with a coach, we'll just schedule a day for you to get your requests in, and you'll get the graphics back a week later.

Can you design other stuff for me?

YES! but that's what VIP days are for. You can check those out here.

Why wouldn’t I just make my own?

I love that DIY scrappy spirit! You totally can. But do you wanna spend all the time doing it? I went to art school for this stuff (fancy pants over here) and working with me is gonna free up all the time you spend tweaking things in Canva trying to get them just right.

You can stick to your money makin' tasks and stop squinting your way through canva templates. I'll handle your graphics.

Couldn’t I just buy templates?

Here's the thing about templates. Not every idea you have fits into a predetermined space or shape. So even if you have templates made, you'll have to work to make them look good for each new idea.

And... People get bored easily. If you're just cycling through the same handful of templates, it's gonna get old pretty quick for your followers.

Will you write my captions too?

Nope. That's not my area of expertise, but I'd be happy to recommend someone if you want that outsourced as well!

Is there a commitment?

Nope. It's all month to month, but I do ask for 30 days notice if you'd like to change or cancel your plan.

and my stuff was always 100% better when I worked with her. Her designs are top notch and her coaching makes social media planning so much easier.

It's wonderful to work with a person who's real, talented, and doesn't force you into any Influencer-y gimmicks, but helps you let your own personality shine."

- Amber Petty, Freelance Writer and Course Creator

"Deanna simplified the whole process of daily content 

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