How the eff are you supposed to know what to listen to?

Sick of all the different marketing advice out there? 

You started a business so you could be the boss, not take orders from everyone else.

  • everyone’s advice is different and it's hard to know who to listen to

  •  the advice doesn't always align with your personality or values

  • you've tried every new tactic, burnt yourself out, and you’re still not getting the results you want.


Which is why I created Eff That: A Scrappy Business Community… 

You’ve found your people, and we've got your back.

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the annoying thing is...

There’s a TON of advice floating around about exactly how to grow your business. 

Designed to help you market your business…


the eff you want to.

This community isn’t about:


  • growing your business overnight
  • follow other people’s advice to a tee 
  • spending tons of money you don't have

We’re all about supporting one another, and inspiring you to:


  • ditch the rules
  • get brave
  • show up as your magical self
  • and promote your business in a way that feels aligned, fun, and perfect for you

Your membership is $150 a year and includes:

A 90 minute chunk of time to dedicated to your marketing plan with the community every month.

Virtual Coworking

In these mastermind style hot seats, you'll get live feedback from the community to help you get unstuck.

Hot Seats

  • Biweekly live on Zoom
  • A chance to connect with members and get shit done!

Instagram LIVES

Each month you'll get access to a new workshop to help you market your business in creative ways!


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Join the group of like-minded business owners doing the dang thing WITH you and encouraging you to find your own path.

Imagine not giving an EFF about the rules anymore

and having permission to just show up as yourself and have fun while connecting to your perfect-fit clients.

What if you didn’t have to buy another course?

because you're scrappy and smart, and you already have the knowledge. (and the support you need)

Oh, and did I mention...

It's just $150 for an entire year? 🤯

It's the community you've been looking for.

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But I had to give up trying to follow everyone else's "exact formulas." They didn't work with my personality and they were sucking the fun out of my business. And they were costing me tons of money I didn't have.

I'm scrappy AF and I can make this work.

I've spend THOUSANDS of dollars on courses that didn't teach me much more than I already knew. They were what worked for other people, but it didn't work for me.

I was ready to give up on my business completely, but then I remembered that as a former art educator,

Hey! I’m Deanna, but my friends call me dd.

When you start experimenting with your marketing you'll find out what works for you. Your personality will shine through and it will be way more fun.

When it's more fun, you'll be more consistent, which is how you get more of your perfect-fit clients.

Plus, you have a community of other perfectly imperfect people doing it right alongside you. 

I love bringing people together. I’m sure it’s the teacher in me that can’t help myself. Having a group of people to connect with, bounce ideas off of, and hold each other accountable, that’s so much more valuable than any course you could take.

You'll figure out your own path, 

and while you're doing it, wouldn't it be comfy to be surrounded by new biz besties?

What members are saying...

Susan Morrow-Johnson 

"DD is such a stitch! I love her emails and the fun and realness she provides in each one and in all that she offers. You can tell she was a good teacher when she was in the classroom, bc she brings that vibe to her work. I feel encouraged and supported."

Joanne Love

"It has allowed me to think about doing Instagram my way rather than the way people tell you to - I’m growing and reaching people with my content by being myself! It’s low pressure in the membership but help and inspiration is there when you need it."

Emma Cossey

"I love the no BS vibe! 

I’ve felt more confident posting reels since joining. And it’s easily one of the more fun memberships I’m in."

Plus, she understand my voice and aesthetic. She's put the spunk in my Instagram feed which I really wanted to show to my followers.

Deanna gets the graphics right the first time all the time which saves me so much freaking time!"

- Jillian Speck, certified Recovery Coach

"I loved Deanna style - her graphics were always so fun and I wanted that for my own.

Plus, she understand my voice and aesthetic. She's put the spunk in my Instagram feed which I really wanted to show to my followers.

Deanna gets the graphics right the first time all the time which saves me so much freaking time!"

- Kathleen Oh, Integration Coach, Breathwork facilitator, and Psychedelic Educator and Guide.

"I loved Deanna style - her graphics were always so fun and I wanted that for my own.

Her designs are top notch and her coaching makes social media planning so much easier.

It's wonderful to work with a person who's real, talented, and doesn't force you into any Influencer-y gimmicks, but helps you let your own personality shine."

- Amber Petty, Freelance Writer and Course Creator

"Deanna simplified the whole process of daily content and my stuff was always 100% better when I worked with her.

This is totally for you if you’re an online business owner who wants to have more fun marketing your business.

This community works best for personal brands like:

  • Freelancers
  • Service Providers
  • Course Creators
  • Coaches
  • Bloggers
  • Podcasters

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Why do I have to sign up for a whole year?

Creating new habits, being consistent, cultivating relationships all takes time. With monthly memberships I feel like people can get lost in the shuffle. I really want you to commit to being part of our world for a year. (Who are we, the little mermaid?)

How do I access all the content?

There's a members that you log into. You can access your monthly mini courses, the events calendar, and the zoom link for the coworking and hot seats. 

What are the deets on coworking + hot seats? 

Coworking is on the 1st Monday of the month and Hot Seats are on the 3rd Monday. They're both from 3:30-5pm est and hosted on Zoom.

Can I share my expertise in the group?

Absolutely! My role in this membership is to be an organizer and facilitator, not to be the only one who knows a thing or two. We can all learn from each other and I can’t wait to hear more about what you can bring to the group.

What if I have more questions?

Just contact me and I can answer 'em!

Thank you for subscribing!