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SMART Goals and How to Use Them Effectively

Do you ever feel dumb when it comes to SMART goals?  Maybe not dumb, but slightly overwhelmed? Maybe it’s just hard for you to stay on track and see them through? Or maybe it feels like too much pressure because they’re specific and timely? Maybe that’s just me…well, we’re gonna work through all that today!  […]

Social Over Selling: Personal Branding in Direct Sales

Direct Sales, MLMs, Network Marketing, whatever you wanna call it, I feel like you either love it or hate it.  Today I’m talking with Abby Garrison, who LOVES it, but doesn’t always think that people can go about growing that kind of business the right way. She’s a leader in her direct sales company, and […]

Give Yourself A Confidence Boost

Have you ever decided to do something, and then your head got in the way and talked you out of taking action?  You got nervous, then you started to question whether or not you should, so you just decided to just forget the whole idea?  Spoiler Alert: That’s your lack of confidence hijacking your plans […]

6 Questions to Discover Your Why

Do you ever sit down and think, what the heck am I doing with my life? Or I dunno, a global pandemic happens and everything in your world is turned upside down? Today I’m chatting with Heather Lisle who’s a business coach and consultant that can help you get to the root of your purpose. […]

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