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Holiday Traditions that Won’t Break the Bank this Season

Ok, so I talked about Christmas Music admittedly a little too soon maybe, for some people. But today I wanna talk about Christmas Traditions and I feel like it’s December, so I should be ok, right? I mean, haters gonna hate if they want to.  But I’m gonna go full on Christmas mode.  So, again, […]

Why It’s Important to Take Pictures of Yourself as a Mom

Raise your hand if you hate having your photo taken!  Same girl same. Well, I USED TO HATE it! I’d get photos back (because I’m old and you used to have to wait until they were developed…remember that? We had to wait a WHOLE HOUR! Hahaha! Then I would quickly thumb through them and think, […]

My Top 5 Favorite Christmas Songs!

Alright…some people get a lil’ cranky when people start celebrating Christmas too early. I just want to say bah-humbug to that! We start early in this house. I don’t think I start as early as some people, but I will admit that I like to have my decorations up by Thanksgiving break.  As a teacher […]

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