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Letting go of lables

Letting Go of Labels

Have you ever really thought about all the labels you’re wearing? All the ones you’ve been given, or have given yourself throughout your life? The good ones and the bad ones? What are the stories you’re telling yourself about you? Letting go of labels is key to moving toward your best life so thankfully, I’ve […]

Positive Affirmations for Freaks and Geeks

Affirmations are great for when you sometimes need a lil’ boost when it comes to your mental attitude or your outlook! I mean, we all do! If you don’t I’d love to know your secret!  Today I’m chattin it up with my girl Sam Krage-Yamada. She’s a body positivity coach and the co-owner of Big […]

Breast Cancer + Making Peace with your body

Do you think something like getting a breast cancer diagnosis would turn your world upside down? Of course right?  Do you think some good might come out of it? Maybe. Well, my friend Shelley Crick learned to befriend her body through her battle with cancer.  By the way, Shelley is the happiest, funniest, most whimsical […]

My Top 5 Favorite Christmas Songs!

Alright…some people get a lil’ cranky when people start celebrating Christmas too early. I just want to say bah-humbug to that! We start early in this house. I don’t think I start as early as some people, but I will admit that I like to have my decorations up by Thanksgiving break.  As a teacher […]

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