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Letting go of lables

Letting Go of Labels

Have you ever really thought about all the labels you’re wearing? All the ones you’ve been given, or have given yourself throughout your life? The good ones and the bad ones? What are the stories you’re telling yourself about you? Letting go of labels is key to moving toward your best life so thankfully, I’ve […]

Positive Affirmations for Freaks and Geeks

Affirmations are great for when you sometimes need a lil’ boost when it comes to your mental attitude or your outlook! I mean, we all do! If you don’t I’d love to know your secret!  Today I’m chattin it up with my girl Sam Krage-Yamada. She’s a body positivity coach and the co-owner of Big […]

Top 3 Reasons to Toss Out Your Scale Today!

Ever think about why it might be time to toss out the scale? There’s no better way to escape the power of that number you see when you step on it than to just toss it out. I find that some people think the idea of getting rid of your scale is insane. So I […]

Breast Cancer + Making Peace with your body

Do you think something like getting a breast cancer diagnosis would turn your world upside down? Of course right?  Do you think some good might come out of it? Maybe. Well, my friend Shelley Crick learned to befriend her body through her battle with cancer.  By the way, Shelley is the happiest, funniest, most whimsical […]

The Eight Sacred Money Archetypes Explained

Has anyone ever called you cheap? Do you struggle to save money? Do you feel like you never have any money? Feel uncomfortable talking about money? Well, my friend, Blythe Caruthers is gonna blow your mind with The Sacred Money Archetypes. She has a quiz you can take to find out yours, but let me […]

Why It’s Important to Take Pictures of Yourself as a Mom

Raise your hand if you hate having your photo taken!  Same girl same. Well, I USED TO HATE it! I’d get photos back (because I’m old and you used to have to wait until they were developed…remember that? We had to wait a WHOLE HOUR! Hahaha! Then I would quickly thumb through them and think, […]

Give Yourself A Confidence Boost

Have you ever decided to do something, and then your head got in the way and talked you out of taking action?  You got nervous, then you started to question whether or not you should, so you just decided to just forget the whole idea?  Spoiler Alert: That’s your lack of confidence hijacking your plans […]

Simple Ways to Turn Your Frown Upside Down

So living through a pandemic is tough. I wanted to talk today about some things that always seem to turn my frown upside down. Of course every suggestion might not be for you, but take what you like and leave the rest. That’s my advice. Also, please don’t think that I think I’m a genius […]

Why You Should Stop Hating Your Body Today

WARNING:Ok, before I start really diving into this topic I wanna let you know that I mention weight with actual numbers and percentages. I talk openly about diets and BMI. Of course it’s all just from my own perspective and experiences. That being said, I’m not in any way a counselor or psychologist or anything […]

6 Questions to Discover Your Why

Do you ever sit down and think, what the heck am I doing with my life? Or I dunno, a global pandemic happens and everything in your world is turned upside down? Today I’m chatting with Heather Lisle who’s a business coach and consultant that can help you get to the root of your purpose. […]

Overcoming Perfectionism in Business and Life

I wanna chat today about perfectionism and how it totally effs with your head and keeps you from being the best version of yourself! Name a podcast the imperfect party and then your first episode is about perfectionism…yikes deanna…a little predictable. 🙄 Now, perfectionism can come from a lot of different places, but for me, […]

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