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Overcoming Perfectionism in Business and Life

I wanna chat today about perfectionism and how it totally effs with your head and keeps you from being the best version of yourself! Name a podcast the imperfect party and then your first episode is about perfectionism…yikes deanna…a little predictable. 🙄 Now, perfectionism can come from a lot of different places, but for me, […]

Body Positive Business Coach

So here it is. My HUGE announcement. Admittedly, maybe I built it up a little too much. But it feels HUGE to me. I’ve been struggling with what direction to pursue in my business. I’m what the people call “multi-passionate.” Except for a lady with ADHD such as myself, sometimes the excess of passions can […]

Deanna with her hair up

I’m back to blogging, betches!

It’s been a while since I had a blog, but I’m SUPER excited to have this outlet again to get my random thoughts out into the world. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking no wait…I mean, worrying, ruminating, and stressing about what I wanna do with my life. I’ve wanted to have my own […]

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