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Less Content & More Connection with Tara McMullin

I am talking to Tara McMullin about ditching the “Grow or Die” mindset, and creating content that doesn’t adhere to every social media algorithm (spoiler alert: no one knows how to adhere to them anyways). Does it ever feel like you simply cannot keep up with the demand to make more and more and more […]

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How to Run an Anti-Capitalist Business with Bear Hebert

Bear Hebert and I discuss their course Freely and redefining how to set anti-capitalist small-business financial goals. When I first started growing my business, I found myself wondering, “Am I a capitalist?” It’s crazy how the whole money-making thing sometimes feels like it comes with an unwarranted side of guilt. But then, I stumbled upon […]

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Less Content… But Better

Why focusing on one type of content will create less work for you and better content for your audience. If you don’t LOVE the content you’re creating, your audience probably won’t either. What if you just concentrated on the things you LOVE doing. If you could only do ONE type of content in your business, […]

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I’m Rebranding The Podcast

Welp. I’ve been working on a lil’ something behind the scenes, and I’m FINALLY ready to spill the beans.  My regular podcast is getting a little makeover!  Introducing…. It’s not usually my style to slow my roll and really think things through, but I’ve been thinking about this for a couple months and it’s been […]

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Podcast Analytics – The Online Business Rebel Way

I accidentally got sucked into my podcast analytics this week and it almost got me down. I was on a call with my coach and we were talking about my podcast and I pulled up the analytics in Hello Audio. The numbers were down. Like, way way down. It brought me right back to my […]

My Super Low Tech Workflow for A Podcast Series

How to create an easy workflow for your podcast series: I’m a one-woman show over here, so it’s super important for everything I do to be fairly simple, or else I won’t stick to it. And podcast series have been crucial to me growing my network and my email list. So I wanted to go […]

Why Host a Podcast Series for FUN?

Is hosting a private podcast series right for you and your business? It could be, it’s up to you and your style. But this year when I was hosting my Anti-Hustle Holiday Countdown, one of the guests asked me how something so seemingly NOT about business actually helps my business. And to be honest for […]

How to Write Storytelling Emails

How do you write storytelling emails that connect with your audience? In this episode we cover: Links & Things: Other Episodes You Might Like: Kickstart Your CreativityWTF am I Doing With My Life

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