It’s ok to trade time for money…

image of outerspace and hair cutting scissors and the words, "It's ok to trade time for money...and what that has to do with bang trims." Blog Post

I was trying to grow my bang out, until I couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed some scissors this weekend.

I was convinced that having long bangs would be easier for me for some reason.

I thought, “Oh, it’ll be summer, and in the pool I can pull them back and it’ll be so much easier.

Meanwhile, it was annoying the crap outta me every single day. If you’ve ever tried to grow out your bangs, you know the struggle.

Also, I’ve had bangs my ENTIRE LIFE. So why was I trying to change it up so bad.

Because I’d convinced myself it would be easier… assuming I could get through the sucky part of growing them out.

I started thinking about how that’s what the online business world tells us about making a course.

“Stop trading time for money!”

“It’ll be so much easier when you just have some course on auto-pilot!”

“You’ll have so much FREEDOM!”

But then you’re stuck trying to make a course and you’re doing all this work, and no one has even bought it yet.

It’s the promise of ONE DAY it being easy. But it’s hard AF right now.

What if you could just have some clients, and sell them some things they need right now, and get some money?

I think it’s ok to trade time for money. Isn’t that what jobs are?

I mean, if you think about it, isn’t it weird to think that you somehow don’t have to actually work for your money? What’s that about?

Just in case you’re buying into the course creation hype…

I just want you to know that it’s ok to just have the life you want now.

  • By doing what you love
  • Working with your perfect-fit clients
  • And getting paid for the work you do

Trading time for money is ok. It’s actually awesome. I do it all the time. 😂

Speaking of which…

If you want to trade me some money for time, I have some VIP Design Days waiting for you in July if you’ve got a list of graphic design stuff you need taken on your plate! I’m your gal. Ready to actually work for my money. I know… strange concept around these parts! 😎

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