Let your freak flag fly.

And if you think you're not cool I'm gonna stop you right there. Cool comes in a variety of flavors, and you have one.

Your right hand ma'am when it comes to making your biz look cool as shiz.

(Ms. Seymour if you’re nasty)

yo! I'm dd.

  1. Inspiring business owners to up their confidence and show up as their true selves with awesome content and marketing strategies that work!

  2. Creating an online body of work that is so YOU that your perfect-fit clients will want to be your new best friend.

  3. Working with clients who want to stand out from the never-ending scroll of templates, formulas, and scripts. Eff that.

As Kenny said in Can't Hardly Wait...

There’s three things I love more than karaoke and Real Housewives, and that’s:

Maybe he didn't exactly say that, but it's true.

And I love making you look as fine as possible when it comes to your content.
(you sexy thang)

Ok, now it's just getting weird. 🤪

If you’re out here trying to be yourself, market your business, and support your community, you're my kinda people.

I graduated from VCU, one of the best art schools in the country... like right below YALE good, almost 20 years ago. Since then I’ve been on a winding path of creativity through Richmond Virginia that includes:

  • Teaching art classes + workshops
  • Running Etsy shops
  • Curating local art shows
  • Starting a punk rock aerobics community
  • Putting together scrappy AF fundraisers for causes I care about
  • And now, making awesome shit for good humans running online businesses, like you.

And I’d love to help you too.

Heck to the YES!

Please remember, there's no such thing as perfect.

Oh, and just in case you were looking for some magically perfect answer for how you should show up in your biz.

Which is why I love helping folks like you with lots of different aspects of their online personality, so we can tweak it as your message evolves and you become the badass business owner you were destined to be.

It's an hour of fun breakout rooms with silly questions that'll be fun conversations with new friends. And of course, a side of business too!

"Networking is the worst but this was actually fun and I made some really solid connections that I'm excited about."

Wanna hang out with me and some of my business buds?

perf. You're invited to my parties!

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And speaking of right hand ma'ams...

That's Emily Breitbach, co-owner of HumanVA.

She's my VA and the person responsible for helping me get all my content out into the world.

I talk a lot about doing less but better, and sometimes doing less means hiring help to let you focus on the things you love and that you're really good at. 

Emily helps me with all the things I hate or I suck at. 

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