you can quit instagram & look good doing it!

keep your business on the platform everyone loves to hate because that's where your people are, without ever having to post again

(a dream come true, right?)

OMG. Yes, please.

What if you didn't have to keep up with content?

But anyone who found you on the gram knew they wanted to work with you

Call it whatever you want: a static 9 grid, a fixed grid, a perma-grid... the point is...

You can stop spending all your energy keeping up with Instagram and the algorithm. You can show up where you want (even if it's a totally different platform) but still have a presence on IG that sells. 

Get off the hamster wheel...

A Static Instagram 9 Grid Let's You:

get super clear on exactly who you are and what you do + clearly communicate that to people who find you there.

focus on the content YOU want to make. If that's reels or stories, or showing up on another platform altogether.

tell people where they can connect with you on your terms: like joining your email list, or following on a different platform.

Here's what's included in a static Instagram grid package:

A zoom call with me and you where we hash out exactly what should be highlighted on your new static grid.

60 Minute Strategy Meeting

I have realized that the beauty of the grid is a secret power of this process. When new people land on your IG page it acts as a disruptor to the normal posts they're used to seeing and they can't help but want to learn more about you and your business!

A 9 Square Custom Puzzle Grid

I think of these as little hidden gems scattered throughout your static 9 grid. These carousel posts can highlight testimonials, podcast appearances, services, offers, courses, or anything else we strategize about during your call.

20 More Squares for Carousel Posts

Each post will include an engaging, informative caption with a clearly defined call to action to help people take the next step on their customer journey with you. These will be written from your current content or website copy, or from our strategy call.


We'll discuss exactly what we want to share more information about and I'll create up to 10 custom highlight covers that work beautifully with your grid.

Highlight Covers + Strategy

And don't worry, you'll get everything as a Canva Template so it's easy for you to reuse!

I love giving my clients the power to evolve and change over time when needed!

get me off the IG train!

check out some of my work...

- Phoebe Gavin, Career Coach

I wanted a solution that would allow me to put my best foot forward on the grid without a ton of maintenance so I could focus on the content I loved creating.

I was worried about how we'd cram so much information into such a small space, but once I saw the first draft I knew it was going to work perfectly. It was kind of magical. 

My Instagram had been dormant for a long time...

- Natalie Ash, Business Operations Consultant

so I’m thankful that I can feel confident but not feel the pressure of having to keep up with it all the time.

I love that it's a set it and forget it little mini website that gives people all the information that I need them to have. It looks professional and I feel great about sending people to my Instagram account now. 

Social media is not a priority for me in my life or business...

- Kiri Rawson, Playful Empowerment Coach

I had formal stuff about what my ideal customer wanted and who she was and what I was gonna do, but she was able to take that information and turn it into something fun and exciting and that attracted people to it and wasn't all stuffy.

When I saw the graphics and I saw the pictures she picked out of my nine grid, I was like, “That's brilliant! That's exactly what I wanted!”

Deanna was able to really capture the spirit of my brand. 

- Lara Buelow, That Moxie Life

This is just so fun!!! And I'm like finally getting my message across in a way that's sweet and funny!

I really feel like working with Deanna even in such a short period of time has really shifted my perspective and felt impactful in a way that I have been looking for for a very long time.

Deanna's work has made me love myself more...

- Mara Sievers,  Pilates Encyclopedia 

So for me, being able to focus on blog posts or just good quality content and not even having to work on Instagram is just a huge weight off my back. 

And to my surprise, I still get new followers. There didn’t seem to be any reduction in how many new followers I get every week or every month. Which is exciting!

I'm not an influencer... 

Sup? I'm Deanna.

I've had a static Instagram grid since Fall of 2022, and it's still going strong.

Truth be told, I've tweaked some offers and swapped out some graphics, but for a lady with ADHD, keeping that first one up for just shy of A YEAR and not getting bored or wanting to change it felt incredible!

And guess what? I'm still getting new followers, clients, and guesting on more and more podcasts.

Ya see, this isn't just about "not having to post on Instagram anymore" (although that is a definite perk) it's about getting SUPER clear and strategic and turning your IG into another mini-website. Can you tell I love these?!?

Your Investment:

Working with me to create your static instagram grid is $2500 USD.

But it's WAY more than just cool graphics. One thing I really value is making sure that this static grid is going to be jam packed with information helping people realize how amazing you are.

This isn't about just slapping up some cute puzzle of a grid and calling it a day. We're going to strategize the hell out of this thing so you look like the rock star you are. Just sayin.

Heck yes, let's chat about it!

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