You don’t become a front-runner in your industry using someone else’s templates.

It’s time for you to show up as the expert you are and create a body of work that you’re proud of.

That speaks to your perfect-fit clients.

If you’ve already tried other people’s formulas and they didn’t quite work for you, it’s time to make your own. 

You can choose your favorite medium to express yourself: writing, video, audio, but we work together to create your own templates, your own system, your own way of doing things that works for your life and business. That’s what we do in Content Playhouse.

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The group program/membership mashup that'll give your brand, your offers, and your list building efforts the strategic upgrade you need to differentiate you from all the other folks in your industry. 

Welcome to the...

Its short 5 minute unscripted episodes that dive into all the ideas that have gone into creating what I think is the best community in the world. But I'm a little bias. 😬

Even if you don't end up joining us, it'll spark your imagination around what's possible for your current or future memberships. Plus, you don't have to read a long ass sales page.

Tune into this fun podcast series to get the real talk version of everything that we're up to in Content Playhouse...

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Unfollow all the experts, trash all the templates, and start using YOUR voice to create original content

Content Playhouse is MADE for you if:

you don't feel like your content and messaging is making the sales you'd like to see in your business.
you're getting bogged down in the "shoulds" in your business and need to pick a direction and focus
you have things to say, but you need a plan to be consistent + connect with your people. 

you're sick of tips and tricks and just want to be real with your audience and get results in your business

Here's what you get inside the playhouse:

We meet the 2nd Wednesday of each month for an all-day coworking session to get stuff DONE, and the 2nd week of each month for Content Coaching!

Coaching & Coworking

You get Voxer access to me Monday - Thursday so that you can ask questions if anything pops up while you're working in between community meetings.

Voxer Access

Each week you'll be able to submit a piece of content for review. I'll record a quick loom, write an email, or Voxer you feedback so that you can make any changes and keep on creating!

Content Reviews

One of the ways to get the most out of the group is to connect with other members, so in between community meetings we can chat in Slack if you want!

Slack Community

There are over a dozen workshops you'll get access to immediately, plus you'll get any workshops I make while you're in the group!

Workshops & Guest Teachers

check 'em out

You can add 1:1 coaching sessions too when you need an extra boost in strategy or content development for just $250. These meetings are only available to current members.

Option for 1:1 Meetings

You get the 1:1 Support You Deserve

Because as a former art teacher I know that real growth comes from true connection, collaboration, and specific, actionable feedback.

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The accountability, group calls, and voxer support were all very impactful for me because the isolation of solo biz ownership can make me feel aimless.

Plus I don't have too many people in my personal life who truly relate to the work from home/owning a business stuff. 

- Kayce Hodos 

I was able to launch my first private podcast! 

I've learned skills that I’ve implemented in my own business. Deanna shares her experience and unique perspectives which are definitely beneficial to anyone looking to think outside the box when it comes to content.

The Voxer support is my favorite because I can get support in real time without having to wait for the next meeting.

- Roben-Marie Smith, 

The community is supportive and it's a great place to get feedback, share and help others.

Thanks to this group, I’m hitting milestones and making progress on those goals every month.

I appreciate that there’s always time for everyone, due to the small-group format. If you show up with a challenge to tackle, you won’t be drowned out by the 40 other people who also want assistance that day.

- Paulette Erato,  Podcaster

Goals without deadlines are just nice dreams, and I’m here to get shit done.

If you are or want to be any or all of these things, this group connection really amplifies your strengths and allows your vulnerable parts to work through to courageous action.

In the weekly meetings we cultivate ideas, curate plans and strategize best practices. We share our collective knowledge and brainstorm next steps. Having an out-of-the box thinker on the other end of my voxer call rounds out this experience.

- Sonja Irina Johansen, Coach + Educator

DD is like a sassy, smart, savvy businesswoman magnet.

because it's a good way to connect with people and see what people are struggling with and to be able to offer help or just make a connection that kind of brightens my day.

I also really appreciate having you to chat with and get feedback on what I'm working on, even as a graphic designer.

- LeAnne Knight, Graphic Designer

I really appreciate having the monthly community call...

Here's a sneak peek at some of the workshops...

I make new workshops as questions pop up in the group!

Plus... check out these Guest Speakers!

$165 usd per month
for 6 months

Cool dd, how much is it?

I add new meeting times with every 10 members to make sure there's time and space for everyone to get the support they need!

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What if I have more questions?

Just contact me and I can answer 'em!

You can send me one thing a week (due by Friday) that you'd like feedback on. Like I keep saying, I used to be a teacher, and giving feedback was a huge part of my job. You can send me Canva links to a social media graphic, a lead magnet, a blog post, a brainstorming Google doc, a logo, video cover you've created or whatever content you want feedback on... send it over!

My expertise leans more towards design, but I think having a second set of eyeballs on anything is helpful. I record a Loom video with my feedback and get it back to you on Tuesday!

How do the content reviews work?

YES! You can Voxer me as things come up for you and I have specific times throughout the week I get back to you, so we won't be Voxering all day every day. But you can definitely check in and ask questions! 

When I was a teacher it was a requirement that we be available for students and their parents. I think you deserve that too, so I'm making myself available to support you as much as I can!

Is there really Voxer access to you?

We have 3 group coaching calls for you to choose from at the moment. You'll get a chance in the hot seat during your chosen group, but you can attend all the meetings as an audience member if you'd like.

I like to think of it as a school where you're part of a class, but you get to know everyone in the school and you can come hang out in different classes.

What's the meeting schedule like?

There's a members area in Thrivecart with all the workshops. We have a Google Calendar so you can add all of the meetings and events to your calendar. And then we have our Slack Channel (kinda like a group text) to keep in touch in between meetings!

How do I access all the content?

Creating new habits, being consistent, and cultivating relationships takes time. With monthly memberships I feel like people can get lost in the shuffle. I really want you to commit to being part of our world for an entire year. What I am? The Little Mermaid?

Maybe it's the teacher in me that still thinks in terms of a school year, but the idea is that even $165 x 6 is still way less than I've paid for some celebrity entrepreneurs' signature courses with zero 1:1 support. 

Why do I have to sign up for six months?

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