personal branding that leads with YOUR personality

because that's what sets you apart & makes your competition irrelevant

(and makes showing up ridiculously easy)

let's do it!

What would a personal brand you LOVE look like?

Let's turn up the volume on the personality in your personal brand.

ESPECIALLY if you're a coach, consultant, or freelancer... YOU are your brand. You can't mask your authentic personality in the name of professionalism.

You clients are going to meet you eventually, so let's showcase all your awesomeness from the jump! And you'll feel WAY more comfortable marketing your business!

You're gonna OOZE confidence

Your shiny new brand will:

allow you to express yourself authentically and showcase your unique qualities, values, and strengths.

differentiate you from all the other peeps in your industry and make you the obvious choice 

attract your perfect-fit clients, and scare off all the losers you didn't want to work with anyways. 

Here's what's included in a branding package:

A zoom call with me and you where I can get all the deets about you and your vibe. We talk about your vision for your brand and your likes and dislikes.

Brand Consultation Meeting

You'll get a primary and secondary logo as well as a favicon for your website. You can always add on more logos for things like courses, podcasts, summits, etc.

3 Custom Logos

We'll decide on the perfect colors and fonts to keep you excited and in love with your brand for years to come. I give my clients enough choices so they never have to stray from the rules we create. That creates impeccable brand consistency baby!

Color Palette & Font Choices

On your brand board you'll have examples of stock photos and graphic elements that you can use in future designs to make sure everything you make stays on brand.

Photos & Graphic Elements

And don't worry, you'll get everything as a Canva Template so it's easy for you to reuse!

The idea is to make sure this brand is ridiculously easy for you to use moving forward.

let's get my brand poppin'

and swirled my favorite things into each graphic. I was surprised to see Lisa Frank style animal print in my designs and absolutely love it!

Working with Deanna is one big guilty pleasure. She's so fun, real, and nailed my vision on the first try. Her turnaround time was wicked fast and she kept me in the loop about when my project would be ready. The designs surpassed my expectations and captured the essence of my brand. 

Deanna really listened to the vibe I wanted to create in my branding

- Nicole Iacovoni, UNDERCOVER COPywriter Licensed Therapist

But after months of not loving anything I had created, I bit the bullet and hired Deanna to design my logo and branding. It was honestly the best decision I ever made! She was super patient with me and listened to all of my ideas. As she worked on my logo, she considered my feedback but also talked me down from some of my whacky ideas. Ultimately, I have a logo I adore and branding that truly represents me. I couldn't be happier with her work; I only wish I had done it sooner!

I hesitated to pay for graphic design help because I thought I could whip something up myself in Canva...

- Taran Conwell, UNdomestic Mom Podcast Host

Honestly, I was shocked that Deanna was able to create anything based on my vague “ummmm, maybe? I don’t know, what do you think?” vibe. LOL. She’s so talented at coordinating colors and adding special details that pull everything together in a unique and authentic style.

This was exactly what I needed to really start promoting my business with confidence!

- Kayce Hodos, certified perinatal mental health therapist 

I absolutely love my branding now...

Each time I've shown it to someone else, their face lights up too. It's so fun and engaging, it draws people in, and it clearly expresses the feeling I wanted to express when people discover Baguette Bound -

wonder, delight, possibility, sophisticated but whimsical. I know it's customized in a way that people who are a good fit will be instantly attracted to it, which is the whole point of branding!

There are times Deanna's offered ideas I didn't even know were possible that made the end product so much better!

- Raina Willick, Baguette Bound

My branding makes me so happy every time I see it!

She really takes the time to get to know her clients and their messaging in a way that makes whatever she delivers for feel like it was created by someone who truly gets you.

That’s why I choose to work with her again and again. In fact, I look for reasons to hire her!

- Christy Cegelski, Copywriter

Deanna is always thinking outside the online marketing box...

With so many different colors, fonts, and styles my Instagram grid was a hot mess. She intuitively got that I get bored easily and gave me a large canvas to draw inspiration from.

It has been so much easier to create my IG posts cause I don't have to spend so much time searching for something that I like. Deanna was easily able to give me a consistent, fun, playful brand image with enough "rules" that everything still blends without feeling stale. 

- Kelly Kendall, The Balanced Boob

Before working with Deanna I had no consistent brand identity.

Hey. I'm Deanna.

One day I was walking out of Target with my then 3 year old daughter's new bathing suit thinking...

"I wish these could be my brand colors!"

Then I realized, why can't they?

I went home and found the bathing suit online, grabbed a screenshot, opened it up in Photoshop and grabbed some Hex codes.

Those have been my colors since 2019, and for someone with ADHD, that's really saying something!

I'd love to help you build a brand you love just as much. 

Your Investment:

Working with me to create your branding is $2500 USD.

One thing I really value is making sure that you freaking love your brand and that you (or your team) walk away from this experience knowing how to use your branding easily and efficiently. I can't help it, it's the teacher in me.

But when you work with someone like me, who lets you write your own brand rules, the results are magical. 

Heck yes, let's do this thang!

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