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Here's the secret ol' zuckerberg doesn't want you to know...

Creating an endless stream of content won't grow your business.

Strengthening your thought leadership and creating content that people can't wait to consume

Showing up in surprising and unique ways that are branded in a way that is 100% you

Collaborating with people in your industry so that you can build your network and reach new audiences

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On demand 1:1 coaching and design feedback to strategically elevate your marketing, allowing you to create less content while standing out in your industry.

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Who's a good fit for the playhouse?

who have a unique way of doing things and want to talk about their signature frameworks

Service Providers + Coaches

that can share their valuable point of view to sell more books + get more speaking gigs

Authors +
Keynote Speakers

who want a VA to do it all - when maybe the answer is to try doing less first

Burned Out Solopreneurs 

I'm a magical blend of strategy, creativity, and a level of get-shit-done-implementation that people don’t expect from someone as funny as me. (They call that a humble brag in the biz.)

Connecting sassy humans like yourself with the clients you love is my jam! 

I've spent 18 years in the creative world as an art teacher, crafter, and entrepreneur and now I work with rebel entrepreneurs just like you.

I'm your right hand ma'am when it comes to marketing strategy and consistent content that you are proud to call your body of work.

That'd be cool, right?

Hi there, I'm Deanna!

more about me...

Did I mention there's a vibrant community of fellow business owners ready to collaborate?

meet the playhouse gang

So what drew me in was the incredible Voxer support. Having direct access to someone who truly understands the nuances of my business — not just business in general — has been invaluable for me.

Deanna doesn't just offer cookie-cutter solutions; she takes the time to get to know you as a person, remind you why you’re doing this, and give you that much-needed boost. Everything else in the playhouse is just icing on the cake.

Suzanne Culberg
 The Nope Coach

As a well-established business owner, I felt like I had a good handle on my content and ideas.

The Voxer support truly stands out as a game-changer. Being in a different time zone, I love the flexibility it offers. I can voice my thoughts and challenges to Deanna, and she gets back to me with clear, actionable advice right when I need it. It’s the perfect balance of timely support without feeling overwhelmed.

And her Loom content reviews? They're like personalized masterclasses that are incredibly detailed and inspiring, giving me both immediate solutions and long-term strategies 

Vickie Kelty
Online English Teacher

The one-on-one support has been invaluable. 

After being part of other business communities focused solely on strategies and checklists, it was time to try something different.

Content Playhouse is exactly that – an uplifting environment where curiosity and experimentation are encouraged. It has inspired me to bring my authentic self into my business. I love the high-energy creatives and the collaborative spirit here, which has reignited my passion for both my work and personal creativity. This isn't just a business group; it's a place where I can truly thrive.

Erin Galloway
Press Publish Podcast

 I craved a space filled with joy, creativity, and play.

Content Playhouse is a breath of fresh air in the online business world. What I love most is the genuine honesty and support within the community.

We don't have to posture or be polished; we can share our challenges openly and receive understanding and practical advice. We're encouraged to embrace our unique paths without the pressure of rigid frameworks or feeling behind. The support is incredible, making it a truly refreshing and empowering experience.

Michelle Stevens
My Body My Queen

This community acknowledges our diverse lives and helps us create sustainable business practices. 

It's not about sterile exchanges; it's about genuine connections and meaningful collaborations.

Through this vibrant community, I've found fellow solopreneurs who not only share my values but also inspire me creatively. 

Together, we've elevated each other's work through collaborations like podcast guesting, book launch teams, and just following along and being a friendly face in the comments on social media.

Lara Buelow
Author | Artist | Coach

Content Playhouse has redefined networking for me.

The flexibility to access content in different formats, like video replays for guest speakers with valuable handouts, is fantastic. And I love being able to listen to the community calls and coaching sessions on the go, whether I'm making dinner or doing laundry.

Hearing other members' questions and challenges always stirs up helpful insights for me. This community has been the most enjoyable and helpful one I've ever been a part of. It's supportive, fun, and incredibly valuable for my personal and professional growth.

Kayce Hodos
Perinatal Mental Health Specialist

I was able to launch my very first private podcast!

Beyond the amazing community, Deanna is available for 1:1 support and weekly content reviews, which is the kind of hands-on guidance that helps me most in a program.

And if I am struggling with something neither of us know much about (SEO 😬, etc), she has reached out to her network of experts for more guidance. Content Playhouse is a one-stop shop for the support you need to figure out what content makes *you* feel great and the community to help you achieve it!

Kate Burgener
Interactive PDF Designer

You're never stuck in the weeds with the Playhouse behind you!

Deanna is so approachable and fun. I appreciate that she’s there for us on Voxer, email, or Instagram whenever we need her.

Her experience as a teacher shines through in everything she does, helping us feel seen and heard while fostering real connections and growth. It's not just about the amazing resources and workshops but about the relationships we build and the encouragement she provides.

Tori Mistick
Wear Wag Repeat

Being part of Deanna's Content Playhouse feels like hanging out with a trusted friend who’s always got your back!

The group is incredibly inclusive, welcoming people of all ages and backgrounds. This diversity enhances our brainstorming sessions, making them rich with different viewpoints which has saved me countless hours and given me new insights into my business.

It’s not about her being the all-knowing leader; instead, she facilitates a space where we all learn from each other. Deanna emphasizes the value of putting knowledge into practice immediately, which helps us stay on track and move forward quickly.

Sonja Irina Johansen
Transform with Sonja

It's a space where everyone's voice matters

Deanna authentically shows up as herself in life and business which gives all of us permission to show up more fully as our true selves as well. I find that we make connections with each other more quickly.

And from the first call I ever joined, I felt so much more comfortable than I have in other settings because everyone's being real, and the atmosphere is really creative and joyful and playful, which I don't see a lot of in other kind of business mastermind environments.

Stacy Raye Kellogg
Life & Leadership Coach

It’s such a refreshingly different program, and one where the creativity and the connection is so authentic and genuinely so fun.

Content Playhouse is MADE for you if:

you've been in business a year or two and you're ready to step into a more thought leadership role
you're ready to collaborate with folks to grow your audience, network, and client roster
you know you're awesome at what you do, and you wish you felt the same about your marketing efforts

Take a quick tour..

But... How does it work?

I'll walk you through exactly how to market yourself in a way that feels good for you and grows your business

Visionary Insight for Bold Expression - aka your VIBE. 

We uncover exactly what makes you different and how to use that in your marketing to position you as an innovator in your industry who's turning heads and booking clients.

Discover your thought leadership VIBE

Having you or your team crank out content that's created quickly with Canva templates + AI captions isn't going to position you as a leader and is actually wasting your time and money.

I teach you how to create a long form content strategy that you actually LOVE making so when people find your work they can't stop listening, reading, or watching.

Make LESS content, but make it awesome

If you really want to grow your audience and reach new people, collaboration is key.

We'll come up with a plan to get you in front of new eyeballs in ways that work even if you're neurospicy or consider yourself an introvert. I gotchu boo.

Collaborate with other amazing biz owners

do a vibe check + start your 2 week free trial!

So... What's included?

As a former art teacher for over a decade I know that people like to learn in different ways

We meet 1:1 to make sure you're a great fit, then you sign up for a free 2 week trial + book your 1:1 strategy session so you enter the playhouse with a solid goal in mind.

You'll also get to Voxer me whenever a question pops up for you throughout the week because I never want you waiting for a group call to move forward.

1:1 support like no other

Every Friday you can turn in what you're working on for feedback. I literally make a copy of your work in Canva and edit the designs to make them better and send them back to you with a Loom.

The video explanation helps you learn for next time, but the edited work is ready to publish. It's like having a graphic designer on your team.

Hands on Content Reviews

The playhouse is designed so that you can lean into what works for you and your brain

On Demand Tutorials + Workshops

Community Meetings + Online Space

We have meetings focused on weekly accountability, coworking, collaboration, and masterminds so you can choose the ones that work for you! 

I add new meetings as the group grows so it'll still feel small and intimate. And the masterminds are published on a private podcast feed so you can listen on the go!

There's lots of workshops from me and guest teachers on things like SEO, static 9 grids, hosting a podcast series, editing videos, repurposing your content, and more.

The library continues to grow because when you're stuck on something, I can make a quick Loom to show you how to do that thing and keep making progress on your goal. 

The Playhouse is probably NOT for you if:

showing up on social media is fun for you, bringing in clients and feels like a long-term strategy

you want to grow overnight or are hoping to go viral - we're all about sustainability and building relationships
you're a high volume e-commerce business looking to take over the world

$165 usd per month

Cool dd, how much is it?

do a vibe check + start your 2 week free trial!

Do less and get better results

This group is about figuring out exactly what works for you and your business and ditching the rest so you can stop the hustle and enjoy marketing

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