I used to apologize for being "too much" but eff that! Now I am proud to be officially too much. Following the rules and doing what I was "supposed to do" didn't grow my business. Wanna know what did?

Hi there, I'm Deanna!


welcome to my little world.

I'm so glad you're here.
My work is dedicated to encouraging and inspiring business owners to just be their freaking selves, drop all the sleazy marketing and HAVE FUN connecting with their audience.
I do that by creating super fun, whimsical, spunky graphics that set you apart from all the boring ass cookie-cutter, formula-following, coloring-inside-the-lines entrepreneurs out there.

give me all your money

Just kidding. Not all of it.
But I am a business, so at least some.
(I actually get really mad at all the boss babes out there capitalizing on people's insecurities. I did a whole thing about it. It's about the time in my life when I was accidentally in a Jenna Kutcher cult. Sort of.) 

So, here's the thing...

Let's make your graphics match your awesome personality. So people wanna stop and listen to what you have to offer!

I graduated from VCU, one of the best art schools in the country... like right below YALE good. I've spent over a decade in the creative world as an art teacher, crafter, and entrepreneur. I love cookies, but hate using cookie cutter designs. You deserve to stand out in the crowd, and I can help.

The truth is, graphics are what make people want to pay attention to you.
So they have to be kick ass.

You'll spend countless hours working in Canva until your eyeballs are sore. And if I'm keeping it real, they still might not stop anyone's scroll. I know... sick burn. Sorry.

But real talk:
It's hard and it's a total time suck.

Yes, you could absolutely make your own graphics, GIFs, and reels!
(You're scrappy and I like that about you.)

Oh yeah, I have a podcast!

Real Talk... this lil' podcast is ever-evolving.

So basically... totally on brand for something I started to celebrate being imperfect and breaking the rules and just doing the damn thing.

I'm on a little break for now, but Imma be back with some kick ass entrepreneurs who don't follow the rules and just do things their way. 

Keep your eyes peeled for my big comeback.

Fuck perfection, let's party!

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