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I’m the fox you’ve been waiting for. (Hello world I’m your wild girl…)

Let me show you how...

You're freakin' amazing at helping your clients.

But when it comes to marketing your business + creating consistently kickass content, you’re drowning in a sea of templates and to-do lists. Or you’re just not doing it. 🤷‍♀️

You have big, beautiful, bold ideas in that brilliant brain of yours, but the way you’re showing up online just feels a little… ordinary. 😕

We collaborate on ideas, and then I do all the heavy lifting when it comes to creating the videos, the emails, the posts, the visuals. 

Having one person (ideally me 🤞) overseeing all the content you put out in the world creates brand + messaging consistency that will have your ideal clients talking to their friends about how amazing you are. 

I always say “The Devil’s in the details” (I literally say it a lot and it’s kind of weird) but it’s TRUE. And those little details get lost in the mix when you don’t have a strong foundation of strategic, visually stimulating, engaging content for your business to stand on.

If you want to be known as a leader in your industry, you can’t show up like everyone else. (sick burn, sorrynotsorry.)

You need a creative rebel like me in your corner to help you:

Strengthen your thought leadership

Show up in surprising and unique ways

Create consistent content that resonates with your ideal clients

These are the kinds of emails
I get from clients...

I'm a magical blend of strategy, creativity, and a level of get-shit-done-implementation that people don’t expect from someone as funny as me. (They call that a humble brag in the biz.)

Connecting sassy humans like yourself with the clients you love is my jam! 

I've spent 18 years in the creative world as an art teacher, crafter, and entrepreneur and now I work with rebel entrepreneurs just like you.

I'm your right hand ma'am when it comes to marketing strategy and consistent content that you are proud to call your body of work.

That'd be cool, right?

Hi there, I'm Deanna!

more about me...

I work with clients two ways...

Deanna was able to It was create EXACTLY what I envisioned for my new cover art. She totally captured and complimented my new brand that a totally different person had created.

Working with her is quick, easy, and always fun. I can't wait for my listeners to see the new and improved look and feel."

- Angie Trueblood, The Podwize Group

"My podcast cover is seriously amazing...

content & support to get shit done.

The missing ingredient to your marketing is

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It’s my reaction to all the sleazy things I’ve seen in the industry.

My sassy way of calling it out. 

And hopefully a way to help other people not fall for the same shit I did.

And just in case you need more proof that I am indeed a rebel...

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