I want people to fully embrace where they are right now on their imperfect journeys. Ditch the self-doubt and let your freak flag fly. Because everyone deserves to just be themselves.

Hi there, I'm Deanna!


welcome friend.

I'm so glad you're here.
My work is dedicated to encouraging and inspiring moms to be nicer to themselves. The internet is chocked full of messaging that can make you start to feel less than. I'm here to tell you that the beauty of life is in the imperfections.
You're perfect just as you are, and that's worth celebrating.

Let's Party!

So, here's the thing...

(just kidding, there's no pizza...
but maybe we could arrange that) 

Wouldn't it be rad if you were part of a community that could relate to what you're going through? What if you had access to a private community, daily dance parties, creative challenges, and pizza?

It could result in more frustration, tears, heavy wine consumption, or maybe even feeling worse than you did before you started.

You'll spend countless hours researching and haphazardly piecing together free resources. You might end up overwhelmed and if you're like me, you might just choose Netflix instead.

But real talk:
It's hard, and it's more fun with friends.

Yes, you could absolutely work on loving yourself on your own. Self-help books and podcasts galore!
(You're scrappy and I like that about you.)

Making change is hard, do it with your new mom besties.

We're building an inclusive community of moms who are ditching self-doubt and adding more joy to their lives!

-- Re-connect with your former self
-- Figure out what self-care means to you
-- Accountability so that you actually do the dang thing!

Oh, and you'll also be part of an awesome community who craves more fun, just like you.

Ya know, an imperfect human, trying to make it through the day.

Parenting is hard, let's dance!
Wanna boost your mood, get smarter, hang with your kids and listen to 90s jams all at the same time?

Me too, let's shake a tail feather at my
FREE Family Dance Parties!

mom besties xo

family dance parties!

Choose your own adventure...

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learn more...

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The idea of embracing yourself just as you are is great in theory. But it can be hard to embrace when you feel like everywhere you turn there are messages tell you that you aren't good enough.

I wanna CELEBRATE our imperfect journeys. We'll dive into topics like self-acceptance, overcoming perfectionism, shame, happiness, body image, parenting and more.

Listeners will feel inspired to stop putting so much pressure on themselves and start living their best lives.

Tough topics with a dose of laughter because sometimes if we don’t laugh, we’ll cry.

It'll leave you feeling like you’re not the only one screwing things up.

Fuck perfection, let's party!

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