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you're not like other business owners, and your visuals have to showcase that

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You need dynamic designs that draw people in and turn you into a thought leader in your industry.

you're brilliant, your visuals should be too.

Plus, she understand my voice and aesthetic. She's put the spunk in my marketing which I really wanted to show to my audience and potential clients.

Deanna gets the job right the first time all the time which saves me so much freaking time!

- Julie Brown, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Podcaster

I loved Deanna's style - her vibe was always so fun and I wanted that for my business.

Deanna was able to It was create EXACTLY what I envisioned for my new cover art. She totally captured and complimented my new brand that a totally different person had created.

Working with her is quick, easy, and always fun. I can't wait for my listeners to see the new and improved look and feel."

- Angie Trueblood, The Podwize Group

"My podcast cover is seriously amazing...

She's a level above the type of design professionals who just make things "look nice." Plus, she's just so much fun to work with and be around. I look forward to meetings with her!
Everything she touches makes my business look more legit. I never have to put out any marketing materials I'm not proud to show off.”

- Laura Rees, Brand Strategist

Deanna brings smart thinking to everything she does. 

open to feedback, and offers customized advice specific to your style, goals, and business.

Her willingness and ability to customize products in a time when everyone else seems to want to just run you through a specific product even if it's not quite the right fit makes her service so valuable. 

- Raina Willick, Unhurried Productivity Coach

She's fun to work with, full of ideas, patient, has never missed a deadline...

and outsourcing design was one thing I knew I wanted off my plate and in the hands of an expert. But I also knew I wanted it done FAST so it would force me to move and get it done! My course slides and worksheets probably STILL wouldn't be done if not for Deanna.

She was able to quickly get to the core of what we needed to accomplish together, create it, and then take in the feedback to make it even better.  

- Erika Kilcs, Job Coach

I've been overwhelmed by building out my course...

especially when you have many choices in front of you. That being said, she never pushes you in one way or another. It's a great mix of creative guidance, and also calming consultancy. Deanna is also skilled as a mind-reader and she was able to take my jumbled thoughts, decipher them, and turn what was in my head into reality.”

- Erin Ollila, Copywriter + Podcast Host

Deanna is great to work with because she can help you move through decisions quickly...

Canva can be so tempting for us solopreneurs to use, but having Deanna sift through my ideas and present them in a clear, visually stunning, and engaging way for my audience was priceless.

I love the way Deanna can organize my thoughts and make it easier for my students to understand the concepts I want to get across.

- Kiri Rawson, Playful Empowerment Coach

Deanna totally reworked my lead magnet and now I want to turn it into a mini-course!

Not only did I receive beautiful website graphics, a business card, other supporting material for handouts and social media posts, I received advice and was able to process my thoughts and direction. She was patient with me throughout the process and her creations are beautiful."

- Jennifer Raines - Felten, Registered Dietitian - Nutritionist

"Deanna made an overwhelming process, one that I have avoided for many years, fun and easy.

Here's some things we could make during your design week:

  • custom social media templates
  • lead magnets + workbooks
  • one sheets
  • presentations
  • podcast covers + templates
  • summit or bundle logos + templates
  • blog or email visuals
  • repurposing old content + adding visuals
  • short form video scripting + editing
  • have other ideas... book a call!

Hey, I'm Deanna.

Helping you show up in ways that feel totally you is my favorite thing ever.

The way you show up and all the visuals that you put out into the world need to be as awesome as you are. 

You're too good for templates.
Just sayin.

Using our past content meant I didn't have to give you anything to get you started. You were able to hit the ground running and then on top of that you were willing to kind of refine the process with things that I enjoy doing and you enjoy doing.

I was able to just do my hair and make up and bust out like 12 videos at a time, then just upload them to the Google folder and then everything would come back done which is huge.

- Lindsay Padilla, Hello Audio

I never created a reel until I started working with you.

- Christy Cegelski, Copywriter

Her designs are next-level creative and the quality of her work is second to none.

Deanna is always thinking outside the online marketing box and strikes the perfect balance between encouraging you to try new things and giving you permission to show up in ways that feel right for you and your business.

Working Deanna with is easily one of most fun collaborations I’ve EVER had in my business!

Before meeting Deanna I felt frustrated that I had to pay an arm and a leg and wait MONTHS to get customized graphics.

She's so fun, real, and nailed my vision on the first try. Her turnaround time was wicked fast and she kept me in the loop about when my project would be ready. The designs surpassed my expectations and captured the essence of my brand. 

Working with Deanna is one big guilty pleasure.

- Nicole Iacovoni, UNDERCOVER COPywriter Licensed Therapist

- Raina Willick, Baguette Bound

Deanna took my rough idea and description of what they could be and literally created each one out of thin air! First hand drawing them, illustrating and giving them a bit of personality, all in a way that maintained our brand colors and feel. 

They make me smile every time I see them!

Not only is she professional and uber talented, but her fun and sassy personality draws you in and makes the process enjoyable. It's like Christmas morning when I get to see my finished products.

I was blown away by how well she captured my style and created fresh and bright graphics that were beyond what I expected. She was very open to hearing my ideas for some other things I wanted and I couldn’t be happier.

- Roben-Marie Smith, Artist and Educator

Deanna is just plain fun to work with...

I felt overwhelmed because I was under the gun to get this logo and graphics done before the launch of my program and I was dreading the process.  

My goal was to create a cohesive space for women interested in running ultras. The platform that I use is great but very bland. So having these graphics gives it a look and feel all it's own. It's our own little corner of the internet and I love it.  

-  Meghan Gould, She Runs Ultras

My branding is that it looks and feels like me!

She showed me how to be open-minded about what was possible with my marketing--to see all these fantastic things as an opportunity and solution to be dorky and creative with my work and brand!

Deanna is a massive part of how I found my voice in content and design. She was the cornerstone in how I see myself as a Coach!

- Kathleen Oh, Coach + Psychedelic Educator

With a deep love for beauty and organization, Deanna came along...

and my stuff was always 100% better when I worked with her. Her designs are top notch and her coaching makes social media planning so much easier.

It's wonderful to work with a person who's real, talented, and doesn't force you into any Influencer-y gimmicks, but helps you let your own personality shine.

- Amber Petty, Freelance Writer and Course Creator

Deanna simplified the whole process of daily content 

visuals are more than just decoration

Great design and strategic content build expertise, trust, and allow you to show up as the expert you are.

This could be you when you see your custom designs...

(and yup, those are words from actual clients of mine)

Your Investment:

Design Week packages start at $1500

It's the quick turnaround, easiest way to revitalize your brand and visuals. Our Design Week can make that happen. Together, we'll create a list of design tasks you've been postponing, and I'll start tackling them one by one.

We'll prioritize the essentials, ensuring those are completed during our time together. If we're making great progress, I'll accomplish even more. This package is perfectly tailored to your needs and completed within a week, so you can promptly advance your business without delay.

Heck yes, let's do this thang!

More ways I can help you stand out...

Your branding is the foundation of all the visual content you'll create. Once you nail this down and freaking love it, everything else will be just as awesome too! 

Personal Branding

A fixed grid that you can set and forget but still shows off your expertise and exactly why people should work with you. It's like a website that lives on your Instagram grid.

Static Instagram Grid

check it out

get the deets

check it out

If you're not ready to completely outsource your design work, I offer weekly content audits in my community. That way you can get my tweaks to your work before you hit publish.

Content Playhouse

visually stunning STRATEGIC content

The missing ingredient to your marketing is

let's work together to make it happen

Not sure exactly what you need?

If you're wondering what services will have the most impact on your business, or what offers make the most sense for you,
I totally get it!

Let's schedule a time to talk through what your specific plan of action could look like! It's an absolute must for me that you feel supported and receive exactly what you need, so I will never subject you to a one-size-fits-all sales process. Pinky promise.

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