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The Eight Sacred Money Archetypes Explained

Has anyone ever called you cheap? Do you struggle to save money? Do you feel like you never have any money? Feel uncomfortable talking about money?

Well, my friend, Blythe Caruthers is gonna blow your mind with The Sacred Money Archetypes. She has a quiz you can take to find out yours, but let me tell you, it’s eye opening to start digging into what makes your money mind tick. 

I think once you have a better insight into how your money archetype you can work on your blocks, embrace the things you probably can’t change and really work with yourself instead of struggling when it comes to money. Cause let’s face it…it’s not going anywhere…except for mine….it’s going everywhere, cause I can’t hold onto it…but we’ll talk about that later.

In the meantime, here’s some quick insight into each of the types.

The Archetypes…


You attract money in unusual ways. You’re very creative. You can transform ideas into financial success. You illuminate positive change by creating ideas and championing others. You can also have a love/hate relationship with money. You sometimes feel like you never have enough money to support your ideas and causes, which can be frustrating.


Where my savers at? This is you! You can be described as frugal. You get great job and happiness about saving money. You’re very trustworthy and dependable. You find it very easy to save and can sometimes judge other people’s money habits.


Basically like an inner relationship creator. You connect people. The more comfortable I get with money the more I empower myself. Your gifts: you’re not stressed out about money, you have lots of faith and optimism, and you create valuable relationships. People are attracted to you because of your positive vibes.


This is the inner big shot where you basically act like you have all this money, but you don’t. Overspending is a common trait. Being compulsive and spending on appearance is your jam. But, people are attracted to you because you’re magnetic and radiant, and you have awesome leadership qualities, but it doesn’t really match up with your bank account.


You’re the inner rebel with a cause. You’re attracted to get rich quick rich quick opportunities. You tend to pay attention to the ups and downs of your numbers. You can have an imbalance of risk vs. financial security. You’re definitely a risk taker and aren’t afraid to go all in.


You are giving and reliable. You are often motivated to give generously to others at the sacrifice of yourself. You might feel taken advantage of. You might feel guilty for making money. Boundaries? What are those? If you have trouble setting boundaries around money, you might be a nurturer.


You’re very sensory and enjoy seeking pleasure and enjoy the best in life. You can be flamboyant with your spending and ignore anything that has to do with finances. You aren’t afraid to treat yo self or spend money on things because you “deserve it.” Basically, you’re very carefree when it comes to money.


You’re an empire builder and innovator. You achieve wealth with grace and ease. You can definitely struggle with chasing a moving money target. You might find yourself always thinking, “Ok, I can make money with this, or that, or this other thing.” You can start to find yourself forever chasing the next big opportunity. You have a mission to create an empire wherever it thrives.

Money Mindset…

If you take the quiz that Blythe offers, you’ll get so much more information. The results talks all about your strengths, gifts, and challenges. It walks you through the ins and outs of your mindset, and even gives you questions to ask yourself so you can start to work within the DNA framework of your money mindset. It’s seriously all so fascinating to me!

Your next step:

Go take the quiz! When you do, I’d love for you to post your results on social media and tag me. I wonder if we’ll get the same ones? MONEY TWINS!!!

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We also talk about how Blythe got started coaching people on money mindset. You’ll get to hear what my top three sacred money archetypes are. And Blythe shares her favorite appetizer to bring to a party! YUM! So push play on the episode above to get the full scoop. And don’t forget to check out more from Blythe!


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