Top 3 Reasons to Toss Out Your Scale Today!

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Ever think it might be time to toss out the scale?

There’s no better way to escape the power of that number you see when you step on it than to just toss it out.

I find that some people think the idea of getting rid of your scale is insane. So I wanted to go over the top three questions I get when people find out I don’t have a scale and my thoughts on each of them. So, here we go…

Toss the Scale Question 1: So you don’t even know your number at all?

Nope. I don’t. And for me, it’s better that way. 

Here’s the thing about numbers in general. They’re just numbers. Data. Your age. Your savings account balance. Your followers on Instagram. Your weight. All just numbers. 

But dang, people give all those numbers I listed so much power. But, the only power they have is the power you give them.

But why do we need to know that? Have you ever thought about that? What’s the point? Most of the time the point of knowing the number on your scale is to confirm whether you as a person are good or bad.

Weight is not moral

Weight is down: I’m awesome! I’m so healthy! I’m making “lifestyle changes” and I’m doing good. Making my way over to the group of people who are worthy. I just need to keep working at it and I’ll be there soon.

Weight is up: Oh man. I blew it. I knew I shouldn’t have had that extra glass of wine. I need to clean out the pantry. I’ll be better next week. 

Are either of those true?

Does your weight being down make you a better human?

Does it going up say you’re a less awesome human than you were the week before?

I think we’ve been conditioned to think that it helps us stay healthy to have a scale in the house. It keeps us in check. It’s simply not true.

Toss the Scale Question 2: So you don’t have goals?

You can easily create goals around your health that are not based on the number on your scale. 

Maybe you want to go on a walk a few times a week because you like the fresh air, and you want to listen to your favorite podcast uninterrupted. 

Maybe you love Zumba because you can release your inner dancing with the stars alter ego? 

Don’t attach it to an outcome on the scale and you’re golden. You can do those activities without the final judgment of whether or not you’re doing it enough, or right, or whatever. Just do the things you love and enjoy them. Regardless of the number on the scale. 

Let me ask you this…do you weigh your pets on the regular? Odds are you probably just hear their weight at a vet appointment. You know why? Because you’re not valuing your pet based on their weight. You love them for being their cuddly little selves. You don’t weigh them every Monday and decide if they’re a better pet this week compared to last week.

Their weight is not a determining factor in your deciding their worth as a fuzzy companion.

So why are you doing that to yourself?

Gained 5 pounds? Does that change how hard you’ve worked on your business? Lost 5 pounds? Does that make you a better friend or mom?

No! It doesn’t.

But how do you know if you’re healthy?

I believe in the idea of Health at Every Size. The idea that the number on the scale is one of the only factors to consider when deciding if someone is “healthy” or “unhealthy” is, in my opinion, absurd. 

Here’s a quick snippet from the book Health at Every Size:

“Health at Every Size is a book about healthy living, one designed to support you as you shift your focus from hating yourself and fighting your body to learning to appreciate yourself, your body, and your life.”

To be honest, I don’t even get weighed at the doctor anymore. That’s how much I believe it has no bearing on my actual life and health.

If you just say you would rather not, most offices will respect that. Here’s a little script you can use if you want, “I believe in Health at Every Size and I would rather not be weighed.” If they press it, I have said, “Ok, well I’d rather not know my number. Thank you.” It works like a charm.

That Number doesn’t really affect my life at all

So I don’t know what I weigh. And it doesn’t matter. Because really, it doesn’t mean anything to me. It has literally no bearing on my life in any way.

Maybe just think about tossing out your scale.

Why do you have it? How does it improve your life? Is it worth keeping? Ask yourself those questions and if you feel like you wanna, get rid of that thing! 

If you wanna be dramatic you can smash it or something and then post it on social media for the world to see! Inspire others! And tag me! I’d love to support you in this newfound freedom of life without the number on the scale!!!

Oh, and you can also check out these two books: Body Kindness and Anti-Diet for more inspiration!

If you loved this post, check out this post on self-care (it’s not what you think!), in my chat with Onnie Michalsky!


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