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Yup. I'm into it.

A collection of holiday stories and traditions from your favorite podcasters!

Sorta like an online summit, but not really.

Summits are great, don't get me wrong. But they can be really overwhelming too.

You learn everyone's tips and tricks and formulas and you can leave not knowing which direction to go.

This series is just about sharing holiday stories.

Kinda like a podcast advent calendar, but only 'til the 21st, cause I like to break the rules over here.

🙅‍♀️ No slideshows.

🙅‍♀️ No workbooks.

🙅‍♀️ No pitches.

🙅‍♀️ No upsells.

Just a bunch of awesome female podcasters sharing their favorite stories, traditions, music, recipes, movies during the holiday season. It doesn't always have to be about business, does it? 🤷‍♀️

It's all-audio, so you just listen to it like you would your favorite podcast.

Self Care, Anti-Hustle, Chillin'...

Running a business is hard. 

But you deserve a break from all the resources.

These stories are gonna inspire you to chill the eff out this holiday season and take a well deserved rest.

So that you can go into the new year feeling inspired, motivated, uplifted, and excited! (BTW, you can also just listen because it's fun and you're a human, who likes to hear stories from other humans... but, if you're looking for a summit about how to make a quick mil in your biz, you're in the wrong place 🤷‍♀️)

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Meet the Podcasters...

Emily Aborn
She Built This

Monique Bryan
The Juicy CEO

Angie Trueblood
Go Pitch Yourself

Lindsay Padilla
Hello Audio Success Stories

 Alesia Galati
Listeners to Leads

Suse B. Bentley
Gen X Voices

Megan Winkler
The Good Business Witch

Erin Ollila
Talk Copy to Me

Julie Brown
This Sh!t Works

Caitlin Donovan
FRIED. The Burnout Podcast

Stacy Raye Kellogg (she/her)
Outgrow the Grind

Anita Kirkbride
The Good Enough Podcast

AliceAnne Loftus
the Leading Lady Podcast

Veronica Yanhs
The Business Whip

Christy Cegelski
Captivate + Convert

Liz Mosley
Building Your Brand

Megan Gersch
Your Sparkly Brand

Sara Vartanian
Launch Playbook

Jessica Dornieden
Podcasting for Experts with Pristine Podcasts

Christina Hooper
Entrepreneurs Taking Action

more speakers coming soon...

Tarzan Kay
Tarzan Reads Her Emails

Nathalie Amlani
Focal Tangent: Perspectives That Shift

I mean...the more the merrier, right?!?

Erika Tebbens
Sell it, Sister! Podcast

Christine Lieu
Brand Party Podcast

Ariel Richard
The Daily Climb

Christina Lenkwoski
Your Podcast Publicist

Spoiler alert:

There's no upsell for an extended ticket or VIP status.

It's actually free.

Why, you ask?

Because it's a...

*you gotta get your ticket by the end of the month, but you have access forever. xo

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Holly JollyAnti-HustleHoliday...

Sign up and grab some eggnog if you...

Wanna meet some awesome podcasters who can help you grow your business in 2022

Would love to just chill and not have to think about your business a hot second.

Are stoked on hearing stories from other women in the online business without having to take notes or implement something new. We can do that in Jaunary, right?

Would love to have a list of awesome podcasts to learn from while growing your business.

Here's the thing...

Growing your business is important, but so is taking a break and enjoying life.

Do you feel like you can't turn your  brain is always thinking about your business? Yeah, duh. We all do that.

But I really think stepping back and taking a break not only is something you should give yourself permission to do, sometimes it makes you come back even stronger and with a more clear vision.

I've gathered up some of my favorite podcasters that can give you tangible tips all year long on their shows.

But it's the freaking HOLIDAYS! Let's just chill and tell some fun stories and be humans? 

This Storytelling Series is a collection of traditions, memories, and inspiration to help you slow down and take a break from the hustle this holiday season.

The big question is, what are you waitin' for?

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are you in or what?!?

Yup. I'm into it.

Holly Jolly, Anti-Hustle Holidays!


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