Ashlee Fay Designs: A Business Journey

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Today on the podcast I’m chatting with the amazingly energetic and positive soul, Ashlee Branstetter of Ashlee Fay Designs. We’re spillin’ the tea on her brilliant business model that is unofficially The QVC of Facebook.

She started off making tumblers as a side gig. Armed with her faith in God, her willingness to try new things, and her awesome work ethic, she’s building an empire and inspiring other women to do the same with her Live Facebook Sales. She’s basically the unofficial QVC of Facebook.

Confession time: I LOVE QVC. It might be a little weird to some, but I just like checking in on it every once in a while and seeing what they’re up to. I think it’s interesting to see what they’re selling and how the host is presenting the goods. This goes back to elementary school for me. 

I don’t buy a ton from the network. Although there was that time I got an egg cooker. Deviled eggs are my pot-luck specialty. Oh, and one time I bought a Christmas door bell, which was a total hit with my niece and nephew when they came to visit. Ok, I’m totally off topic now, let’s talk about Ashlee and how she’s building her online empire!

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Ashlee makes no apologies for the fact that Jesus is her CEO and I love that. I personally do not identify as Christian, but I am open to the idea that there is a higher power, and I fully respect anyone who has that kind of faith.

If I’m keeping it 100% real, I’m almost a little jealous sometimes of people who can have that sort of commitment and faith. 

Ashlee talks about how there’s a sense of peace because she just puts her faith in Him and believes that He’ll take her where she needs to be. When opportunities spring up that are outside of her comfort zone, she just tells herself, “I have been commanded to be strong and courageous and to face this because I have God with me.”

How to Infuse Your Own Faith into your Business Plan:

Can you imagine having that sense of calm and peace in your business? If you’re not Christian, can you have mantras or meditate or just trust in the universe? Ashlee talks about the idea of abundance. She puts her faith in God, but there’s no reason that someone outside of the Christian faith can’t adopt this same way of looking at things. 

Ashlee keeps it real and says, “I’m just trying to follow my heart and do what I feel like Jesus is telling me to do. And I think that the sales and things will come, you know, that’s not like my main concern.”

I talk a lot about just showing up in your business and being consistent. In a way, that’s what Ashlee is talking about here too. She’s following the signs and then showing up and doing the work. The outcome (the sales, the followers, the whatever) will come if you do the work and have faith in your path. But you have to do the work.

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A few years ago, Ashlee sat down to do her bills and she had negative $54 in her account. She had been making the tumblers and knew she could post some online and cover the bills for that month. But she was tired of living that way. 

She knew people were doing Facebook Lives to sell their crafts and she thought, “I could do that.” So she did. That’s the thing. You have to do the thing.

How many times have you said, “I could do that!” Then you just went about your business not doing that thing that you said you could do?

Well, Ashlee did it. A few months into doing the lives she shared her story of the negative $54 in her bank account. She opened up, was vulnerable, and cried on the live. Brene Brown calls that a vulnerability hangover.

She went to bed thinking she’d blown it and that no one would respect her as a businesswoman. She woke up to emails from women who were touched by her story. That she inspires them and encourages them. And it was a light bulb moment for Ashlee. 

Growing your Business by Creating Community

She realized that she wasn’t supposed to be making the tumblers, she felt called to teach other women what she does. Her family and friends didn’t see the vision. They thought if she taught other women how to do it, they would take her customers, and it would ruin her business. 

Ashlee knew that it wouldn’t be an issue. Each woman has a different style, and there’s plenty of business to go around. I think that’s part of the peace Ashlee feels letting Jesus take the wheel in her business. She talks about her mindset shift, “…opening up my mind and opening up my heart to allowing God to kind of take control. I’ve put that abundancy mindset forefront.” 

When Ashlee Fay Designs brings on a new girl, there can be a little bit of nerves from the other girls. It sort of goes against our cultural messaging to be that open and welcoming. She’s worked hard to create a culture of abundance and acceptance and support among the women in her community. It’s about the whole group growing together. 

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Can your business run without you? If you can’t work, does the business grind to a screeching halt? As a business owner, it’s important to set up a system and a framework that allows you to be human and not work every second of every day.

Ashlee was the only one going live on her page, and then she wanted to go on a vacation with her family. Think about your business at this very moment. What happens if you want to go on vacation? Do you just work on your vacation? Do you just not make any money while you’re gone? How would that look for you?

Ashlee Fay Designs was already a place to go for supplies and classes to learn how to create your own tumblers. Which, by the way, is a perfect way to start getting multiple streams of income. So she decided to ask some of the women in her group to go live while she was out of town.

Again, something that would not be possible without that mindset embracing the idea of abundance. If you’re thinking there’s not enough to go around, there’s no way you’d let someone else come on your Facebook page and sell their things. Right? What if they fall in love with them and never want to buy your things again? Can you see how this line of thinking leads to nowhere fast?

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Ashlee has proven that a rising tide lifts all boats. She’s more than happy to lift up others because she knows it’s gonna lift her up too. She doesn’t stop there. Ashlee has a coaching program, supply kits, a glitter subscription box, and even a journal you can purchase on Amazon. Not to mention running the QVC of Facebook. When it comes to expanding your brand, Ashlee has it down. 

And to think…her friends and family were thinking that telling all her secrets would put her out of business. Abundancy is where it’s at y’all.


Ashlee added Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” to The Imperfect Party Playlist. Check out the entire playlist on Spotify or Amazon Music.

We also chat about my love of QVC some more and more about her journey. You can learn more about all the things Ashlee Fay Designs offers on her website. Check out the live sales over on her Facebook Page. Grab some supplies for your own DIY projects here. Or follow along with her on Instagram @ashleefaydesigns

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