From Content Strategy to Burlesque with Kellita Maloof

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How to shed inauthentic strategies and find genuine connections, whether in the artistic performance of burlesque or personal branding.

Kellita Maloof, a conscious burlesque mentor who captivated me through her TED Talk and documentary, is joining me on the podcast to share how she guides women to show up as their true selves, bringing vulnerability and raw power to the stage. She advocates for a delicate balance, urging us to utilize our thoughts as tools to support our aspirations and emotions, rather than letting them restrain us.

Our conversation uncovered the pressures of creating content for validation and the transformative power of feeling all emotions. Remember, whether it’s choosing your brand colors or the clothes you wear, your authentic choices resonate the most. Kellita reminds us in this episode that as humans we are not designed to be islands, whether you’re an introvert or extrovert we are designed for connection.

This is an episode you’re not gonna wanna miss because we are peeling back the glittery curtain of what conscious burlesque means, and how we managed to tie together boobies and branding into a content lesson just for you.

In this episode, Kellita and I talk about:

  • Rebrand like a boss! Deanna’s take on picking personality over norms
  • Get inside the glittery world of burlesque as Kellita unravels the emotional thread between performers and the audience.
  • When you stop seeking approval and start feeling alive you start reclaiming your sparkle!

Are you ready to show up and make real connections?

I have a free course called less content, more connection. It’s all about getting real with yourself about the platforms you want to show up on, the ones that make you feel good. When your content feels good to create, it produces better results and it alleviates all of that outside pressure of people saying what you “should” be doing.

It’s time to connect with yourself about what feels good for you in this season of your life and business. Head over to to learn more about it.  Or shoot me a message @thedeannaseymour!

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