Steal This Course is my reaction to being sold to at every turn along my online business journey.

Sales pages with lofty promises reeled me in.

I spent money that my family didn't really have to spend.

And the promise of dollar signs, passive income, and taking the easy route ultimately slowed me down in my business.

It's an audio course for anyone who's ever bought a course and didn't finish it.
(btw, it's not your fault that's happened to you)

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(or steal it)

You’ll learn how to make expressive portraits, fun design elements in your brand colors, logos or podcast cover artwork, animated videos of yourself, calls to action, and meme-style reactions.

There's seriously no better way than some branded GIFs to amp up the fun factor in your business and get people excited about what you're offering.

And you don’t need anything fancy to make these yourself, just Canva Pro and this course!

It's super fun + easy to implement!

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