Boots, Sasha Fierce, & Roller Coasters

Before I start, if you haven’t seen the new thing I made, you’re missing out. Just sayin.

And if you haven’t heard Beyoncé’s new country song are you even on Instagram? I feel like every reel I watch has that same clip…

🎶 This ain’t Texas (Woo), ain’t no hold ’em (Hey)

So lay your cards down, down, down, down 🎶

Did your head explode when you found out that Beyoncé made a country album? Were you so confused about why she did it that you didn’t want to even listen to it?

Or were you like… “Woah, Beyoncé made a country album… that’s FUN!” 👀 And then you went and listened. 

And since it’s catchy as hell, you probably loved it. 

Because as I’ve said before many times: YOU ARE NOT YOUR NICHE.

👉 You’re a whole ass person who can have more than one thing you love doing.

🧪 You can experiment and try new things.

🎢 Your perfect-fit people will come along for the ride. I promise. Remember when Beyoncé was Sasha Fierce?

And when you’re first starting a business you have to just start showing up in order to figure out what you REALLY want to do.

The truth is: You learn best by DOING the dang thing. 

📺 If you want to start a YouTube channel, the sooner you start, the faster you’ll get better at making videos.

🎙️ If you want to host a podcast series, the way you do that is by hosting your first podcast series and then improving on season 2.

It’s easy to think that just buying someone else’s step by step template will get you there faster, but it doesn’t. It actually slows you down. 😳

Instead of you being the new emerging creative voice in your industry, you’re just a slightly grainier copy of the person you bought that framework from.

Your graphics look like theirs, your landing page looks like theirs, and you didn’t give yourself any permission or space to make something unique to you.

In reality you just made that other person’s business more money and made your business less profitable. Aw crud. 😭

In Content Playhouse I have a few templates, but a ton of 1:1 guidance so that you can do things your own way… but not BY YOURSELF.

There’s a difference between TEACHING and TELLING. 

The formulas and the templates are TELLING you what to you. In Content Playhouse I’m TEACHING you what to do, and how to think creatively so that you can stop spending money on things that make other people money and dim your creative spark.

Speaking of doing the dang thing, there’s an all day coworking sprint inside Content Playhouse coming up on Tuesday March 13th and you’re totally invited to come hang with us! 

It’s from 9am – 2pm et. We chat for about 10 minutes at the top of every hour and then focus for the next 50 minutes. You don’t have to commit to the entire day, you can come and go as you please! Here’s the link if you’d like to join us!

Maybe I’ll see you there and we can talk about our favorite Garth Brooks, I mean, Beyonce songs! 😂


PS… Content Playhouse is open for enrollment all next week! And I’m really proud of this out-of-the-box thing I created about it. 🥰

PPS… And speaking of being more consistent when it comes to content, this week on the podcast I’m talking about the reasons that it benefits you and your creative process!

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