Your Content Is The Foundation to Everything…

What do you think of when someone says content? 

Do you only think about social media content? Long form content? Short form content?

Is it video? Audio? Blogging? Maybe it’s all of the above.

The truth is, it’s none of those. Those are just the different mediums available for you to get your content out into the world. 

Your ideas are your content, and they’re the foundation of your business. 

Content isn’t just about getting a template, changing a headline, and checking off a box in AirTable.

Effective content showcases what makes you different from all the other people doing the exact same thing you’re doing. All the other copywriters, web designers, coaches, and consultants.

It’s impossible to do that if you’re doing the exact same thing as everyone else.

When you start making content that’s unique, interesting, and exciting, people start paying more attention to you. And when more people pay attention, you don’t have to make as much.

In Content Playhouse we focus on building a body of work that doesn’t rely on the fickle as a pickle algorithm or 2 minute life span of a reel to get your message out there.

I would love for you to create content that has a way longer shelf life so that people can enjoy the content you created 6 months to a year ago. 

We focus on creating less content but building more connections.

And great content allows you to connect not just with your audience or your ideal client, but to yourself. It’s about becoming a voice in your industry. 

My friend, and brilliant marketer, Sonia Simone calls it Thought Mentorship. 

And if you’re thinking you don’t have big thoughts, or you’re still too new, you’re wrong.

If you’re a human experiencing this world, you have ideas about what you see, hear, read, and you can share those ideas in your content.

And I promise you, it will be powerful. 💥

This moment in Little Miss Sunshine when they all basically say “Eff It,” and get up on stage with Olive while Super Freak blasts on the speakers makes this an Academy Award winning film. 

Why? Because it’s refreshing, real, raw, honest, and freaking entertaining. 

I’m not saying you have to be a super freak in order to make great content, but I am saying that you have to march to the beat of your own drum. 

So Content Playhouse is a group program, community, container, unlike any other because I can utilize my years of experience as an art teacher to help you craft your own brand of real, raw, and honest content. 

And you’ll have a whole little family of freaks to back you up and hold you accountable. 

Doesn’t that sound like fun? If not, hit reply and tell me why not. 😂



PS… Content Playhouse doors open on March 11th and we’re doing a free all day coworking event on the 13th. Come hang if ya want! 

PPS… The next Pop-Up Networking Party is on March 12th with my newest co-host Jaime Blair! Bring a friend if ya want, but you gotta sign up to get the link! See ya there hopefully! 🤞

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