Custom monthly Instagram Graphics

we decide on a monthly due dates for you and me

the workflow:

you give me the captions or simple prompts on your due date

I return fully custom, scroll-stopping, on-brand graphics on my due date

then we repeat the process again the following month

Package Pricing:

(all graphics and prices are listed per month)

8 graphics per month

(no commitment, cancel anytime)

The Lil' Bit

Get it Girl

16 graphics per month

24 graphics per month

The Biggie

buy for $399

buy for $699

buy for $999

Frequently Asked Questions:

(the only silly question is the one you don't ask!)

Sort of, in a round about way. The idea behind me taking over all your other graphics is that you can focus your energy on your reels if that's something you're into. Also, if you like having cover images for your reels, that can totally be something I design and create for you! So remember to add those into which package you think you need.

But I'm working on something for reels, so if you're not on my email list, get on it below!

Can you help me with Reels?

I can, but that'll cost you extra. 😜If you're interested in that, book a chat so we can come up with a custom quote for you.

Can you write captions for me too?

Again, that falls under the costing extra umbrella. But just book a chat and I can come up with a custom package just for you!

Will you just post them for me?

Every graphic will be a custom graphic.

Of course they'll use the same brand colors, fonts, and overall style. But the design of the slide and the information on the slide will be unique to the caption you provide. You won't be just rotating through drag and drop templates. Each graphic will be fresh and new but with your unique branding to tie them all together. 

Will every graphic be different?

You totally can! I sell those here. 🥳
But, this process gets you custom and very specific graphics for each post. The quality of your content matters.

With the monthly services you'll have new fresh graphics every month, that will really showcase your expertise, educate your audience, and get people excited about your content.

Couldn't I just buy templates?

YES! I have a whole page full of fun things I would love to design for you!

Can you design other stuff for me?

Have More Questions?

or need a more custom package?

book a call to chat about it

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