Daily Podcasts for a YEAR with Suzanne Culberg

Ever wondered what it takes to create a year’s worth of podcasts? That’s 365 episodes of commitment, content, and sprinkles of life lessons. Suzanne Culberg is doing just that, and she’s sharing her take on podcasts, business “norms”, and boundaries.

Suzanne Culberg is the unstoppable force behind “The Nope Coach” podcast. She started with a goal of 100 days and that became 365! She is bringing daily doses of wisdom, wit, and whatever she darn well pleases as she shares her experiences throughout the entire process, some of her favorite episodes, and some biggest “ah-ha” moments.

Suzanne and I are both known for a bit of our rebellious natures. If you’ve ever felt anchored down by the pressure to “perform” in the content world, Suzanne’s take on podcasting and content creation is the breath of fresh air you’ve been looking for.

Authentic connection trumps forced engagement any day.

In this episode, Suzanne and I talk about:

  • Keep it simple. No elaborate production schedules, just raw content.
  • Building a community that listens, engages, and doesn’t need to be told what to do.
  • Boundaries aren’t just rules, they’re about self-care in every aspect.

By the way… Here’s something cool:

Could you do a podcast for a whole year? Would you even want to?

I have an offer called Your Content Map. When we create your map, we talk about all the things you’re currently doing, what you feel like you should be doing, and then we decide what you actually want to do.

What fits your brand and personality and what sounds like something you would enjoy creating for your business? There’s always going to be a million rules (like show notes, and intros, and hooks, and music, the list never ends!) but you have to come up with a plan that will work for you.

Come check it out!

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