Taking a Break from the Podcast

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Today marks a big change as I wrap up my podcast journey… for now. I’ve adored every conversation and connection this podcast has brought me, but I’m shifting gears to focus more on other fun projects and reducing my content overload. Remember, it’s okay to pivot in your biz and go after what truly aligns with your passions and workload.

I love creating connections and getting to know super cool people on my podcast, over years of different variations of my podcast. Recently, I have been experimenting with how much content I put out, and how many episodes I put out, and I am trying to decide what is crucial in supporting my business and what may be taking up a bit too much of my energy.

I’m in a business of my own makings, and I’ll share the results with you – triumphs, tidbits, and all. I hope you’ll find bits of inspiration and courage to do the same in your own space. Whether my next chapter includes new reels, more networking parties, or a totally different venture, one thing’s for certain—my passion for living a life that feels right to me and empowering others to do the same will continue to be my primary focus in whatever comes next.

Here’s to new adventures and staying true to ourselves! See you at the next pop-up party!

P.S. If you’re ever in the mood for a podcast binge, there’s a treasure trove of past episodes waiting for you. Just dive into the archives for a dose of nostalgia and perhaps a fresh perspective.

In this episode I talk about:

  • Your business should fit YOUR life, not the other way around!
  • Does the podcast stir up business or is email where it’s at?
  • My new favorite thing. And guess what? You’re invited!

Here’s what’s happenin’

While the Big Fun Content podcast goes into hibernation, I will be redirecting my energy to other projects like:

  • My Pop-up Networking Parties where we get together, break into little groups to answer some really fun conversation starters and share whats happening in our businesses, and learn more about some amazing co-hosts I’m inviting to the party!
  • Writing my weekly emails (my fave) You might not hear me, but you can definitely read me! The emails will keep on coming with the same heart, the same spark, and – I hope – the same little happiness boost to your week.
  • Giving more love and focus to my community, Content Playhouse!

I would love for you to connect with me at any of those spots so I can keep meeting cool new people and see what’s happening in all the corners of the biz world. 💞🌍

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