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Your shit needs to look and sound awesome, if you want people to pay attention.

Custom Projects

Done for you branding, content creation, and design.

And, let’s face it, you still might not love what you come up with.

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The whole thing can start to feel overwhelming.
You’re not a freaking designer, so it can be a huge time suck. 

Now imagine what it would feel like if your visuals reflected how amazing your new ideas are without you having to do any of the work. 

That's where I come in...

I’ll tackle all the design work. VIP Style. 

Yup, I know it sounds way too good to be true but it’s not.

I’ll create all the visuals you’ve been putting off and have them back to you, ready-to-use in one day. 

Let’s do this thang!

Beautiful graphics
On brand

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Let’s make your visuals so awesome that you can’t wait to share them with the world!

So let’s get you some brand new, super rad, kick ass designs.

When you’re confident about your brand and the way it’s presented, that confidence oozes into everything you do.

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Your visuals are your first chance to make an impression.

She has fabulous ideas, is open to feedback, and is great at communicating efficiently as projects develop. She's fun and brings a playful yet professional presence to everything we've worked on together.

Her work keeps me consistent with creating content and brand assets to use with clients and in my marketing.”

- Raina Willick, Leadership Coach

"Deanna is amazing at capturing the spirit of my brand...

How does a VIP Day work?

You book a consult call where we figure out all the deets + get your scheduled on my calendar.

We start with a kick off meeting so I can start brainstorming about your project.

We’ll make sure I have everything I need for your projects before Wednesday.

Wednesday is the main work day where you're available for feedback throughout the day.

Final approval and all your amazing new designs are delivered by Friday. And there's Slack support for two weeks after your day.

Dance party!!! (totally optional, but highly recommended)

I only schedule a few Design Days a month, and I usually book them 4 weeks in advance so if you’re on a tight schedule, click below to get the ball rolling.

book my consult

She's a level above the type of design professionals who just make things "look nice." Plus, she's just so much fun to work with and be around. I look forward to meetings with her!
Everything she touches makes my business look more legit. I never have to put out any marketing materials I'm not proud to show off.”

- Laura Rees, Brand Strategist

“Deanna brings smart thinking to everything she does. 

I offer a few different bundles, listed below, but we can make you something totally custom if you don’t see what you need. 

How Can I Spend My VIP Day?

Brand Yourself

  • Logo
  • Colors + Fonts
  • Brand Guide
  • Favicon
  • 5 Canva Templates

Static 9 Grid

  • 9 Grid Planning Session
  • 9 Grid Graphics
  • Carousel of Testimonials
  • Second Carousel of Choice
  • Matching Highlight Covers

Event + Audio Summits Branding + Marketing

  • Logo
  • Brand Guide 
  • Podcast Cover
  • 6 Canva Templates
    (to promote your event)

Launch Your Podcast

  • Podcast Cover Art
  • Intro + Outro
  • Branded GIF
  • 5 Canva Templates
    (to promote episodes)
Listen to Erin's Intro here...

Share your Knowledge

  • 30 page slide deck*
  • 10 page workbook
  • 3 landing page graphics
The slide deck is shared in Canva so that you can copy + reuse it for future presentations

VIP Days are $2000* and include:

Cool dd, how much is it?

  • A 60 minute strategy call before your VIP Day

  • Voxer support for 2 weeks leading up to your VIP Design Day while you gather your ideas up

  • My full, undivided attention on Wednesday

  • All of your assets delivered via Google Drive by Friday

  • Voxer support for 2 weeks following your project

You’ll leave this experience with a new excitement for your business and be ready to share it with the world. 

Like I said, I only book a few of these a month, so click below to book a consult and get the ball rolling so we can get you on my calendar.

book my consult

*payment plans available

to take the jumble of words I said and make beautiful art. These designs and templates GAVE life to my aspiring business, giving the voice and idea of “the maker muse” a beautiful visual landscape that’s easy to adapt to different needs.

My brand had an identity, but now everyone can SEE it!”

- Paulette Erato, Artist, Teacher, Podcaster

“Deanna’s fast and responsive, and has an uncanny ability...

I’m able to truly focus on you and your business to create stunning visuals that you’ll be proud to show off to the world. 

If you want to feel confident in your business, you have to be confident in your marketing materials.

When I'm in the zone the creativity just flows.

There’s nothing my ADHD brain loves more than sitting down and hyperfocusing on a super fun creative task. Sometimes I forget to stop for lunch, but I’m working on that.

Hiya. Deanna here.

And I’d love to help ya get there.

book my consult

and outsourcing design was one thing I knew I wanted off my plate and in the hands of an expert. But I also knew I wanted it done FAST so it would force me to move and get it done! My course slides and worksheets probably STILL wouldn't be done if not for Deanna.

She was able to quickly get to the core of what we needed to accomplish together, create it, and then take in the feedback to make it even better.  

- Erika Kilcs, Job Coach + Course Creator

"I've been overwhelmed by building out my course...

Questions + Answers

When do you schedule VIP days?

Since my work is very creative, I don't love stuffing your project into just one day. We'll start with a meeting the week before and I'll get to work. Wednesday will be the bulk of the work, and I'll wrap the project up on Friday. 

How available do I need to be?

We'll communicate primarily over email and Voxer. I'll send things over for approval, and we can talk it out on Voxer if we need to. We'll probably hop on a quick Zoom call at least once during the week to review the work in progress.

How quickly do I have to approve things?

I do ask that you're around and available on Wednesday to respond quickly. But the reason I choose to spread VIP Projects out over a week is so that we don't feel too rushed. I would say you should be able to approve things within 24 hours so I can keep the project moving forward for you. 

What is Voxer?

Voxer is an app that we can use to send voice memos, and messages to each other throughout the day. It’s a quick way to ask questions and get feedback so we can keep rolling with your project. You’ll also have access to me for a week before and two weeks after your date for any questions that might pop up!

What do I have to do beforehand?

It looks a little different for everyone, but basically you'll need to gather up all the things we chat about during your consult, so that I can get to work after our Monday morning meeting on your Design Week. 

What if I have more questions?

Just contact me or set up a consult call and we can go over all your questions. 

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