I work with clients two ways...

I know you already have a ton of amazing ideas in that beautiful brain of yours, you just need my help to shake ‘em out and turn ‘em into magical, share-worthy content and marketing that will have your ideal client like, “DAAAAANG! Who is this lady!?!? I wanna work with her!”

And… I don’t like to brag, but people also say I’m freakin’ hilarious. So, I’m pretty fun to work with too.

It’s true. I love coming up with new ideas and enjoy working behind the scenes to make those ideas a reality. 

A friend once described my creativity as a bubble machine. The ideas just keep coming and coming. 

Whattup!?! I’m Deanna.

Just sayin'.

Oh… and in case you’re into this kinda stuff: I’m an Enneagram 7, a Projector, ENFJ, and a Sagittarius. 

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and made Instagram feel less daunting. Her designs are fun and lovely, so my page looked much nicer. Plus, she helped me come up with reels ideas and a more cohesive brand look."

- Amber Petty, Freelance Writer & Course Creator

"Deanna helped me organize my thoughts, create beautiful graphics,

content strategy.

The missing ingredient to your business is a

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