SMART Goals and How to Use Them Effectively

SMART Goals and how to use them effectively. Episode 17 on the Imperfect Party podcast. Guest Lorrie Richards talks today about how to make goals less overwhelming.

Do you ever feel dumb when it comes to SMART goals? 

Maybe not dumb, but slightly overwhelmed? Maybe it’s just hard for you to stay on track and see them through? Or maybe it feels like too much pressure because they’re specific and timely? Maybe that’s just me…well, we’re gonna work through all that today! 

Today I’m chatting with Lorrie Richards. She traded in her corporate life in Human Resources, Operations, and Project Management to start her own business. 

Her goal is to help new entrepreneurs build solid foundations for their businesses so they can focus on growth and scaling in a sustainable way.

But today we’re breaking down the ever-intimidating SMART Goal. Is it just me, or do they seem super data-driven and a total bummer?

Well, Lorrie’s gonna change your mind (or maybe just mine, maybe I’m the only one who hates a smart goal)  She’s gonna teach us how to create some kick ass goals for the new year!

SMART Goals are:


You have to leave no room for interpretation. Include the what, the who and the why of the goal. You can’t just be like, “I wanna start a podcast.” About what? For who? Why? Really dig in and get specific.


The end result, number or times, or percentages, or a time frame. You have to be able to know if you did it or not. If you say, “I’m gonna post on Instagram more.” How much more? How will you know if you did it? Commit to something, so you can actually do it!


Be realistic with yourself! Dream, but don’t be crazy. Push yourself a little bit, but don’t think of something that’s completely out of your reach. Use the smart goal as a stepping stone to get the bigger goals.


We just talked about how the little achievable goals are stepping stones, you want them to be relevant to the bigger picture and your ultimate goal. Aka, your big mama goal. Really think about what your big goals are so that you can make sure all your baby smart goals are in alignment with those goals.


Give yourself a deadline to keep yourself accountable!

What about an ARTSY Goal?

On the episode I talk about how I want to re-arrange the letters to be more fun! So, I came up with an ARTSY GOAL!

A- Amount (aka measure)
R- Relevant
T- Time-line
S- Specific
Y- You can do it! (Attainable)

Haha…but seriously, Lorrie really turned me around on this whole smart goal thing. I think I was getting too wrapped up in the specific and timely steps…it felt a little too rigid to me so I sort of just threw the whole thing out! But I’m bringing them back! If you want to get in on it, keep reading…

Your next step:

Get a lil’ journal or whatever and write these things down. You can use whatever paper or digital process that works for you. I guess Lorrie said you don’t even need to write them down if you don’t want to…BUT…make a Smart Goal! Or an Artsy goal if that makes you feel more comfortable and inspired.

More from Lorrie Richards…

We also talk about when you see a band live and that feeling when the first song drops! Have you ever had that feeling? It’s awesome! I also interrupt a lot and work through some examples of SMART goals in action! So push play on the episode above to get the full scoop! And don’t forget to check out more from Lorrie below!

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