How to Kickstart Your SEO with Adrienne Kmetz

Adrienne Kmetz is a content creator who is constantly learning and adapting to the wild world of search engine optimization. She understands the importance of speaking the language of the user and creating fresh, valuable content that effectively answers their questions.

Ready to level up your SEO game? In this convo with Adrienne Kmetz, we debunked some common myths and shared valuable insights to help you crush it in the digital world. Here are 3 of the myths of SEO that we talked about, all of which I totally had myself believing about search engine optimization. So, if you’re anything like me, now is the time to stop avoiding keywords and start making Google your BFF instead of an awkward algorithm.

Myth #1: Once you post a blog, it’s stuck like that forever. False!

Myth #2: Your post has to revolve around one keyword. Not true!

Myth #3: There is a magic number for word counts to get Google to see you. Nope!

What’s the biggest SEO myth you’ve heard, or what questions do you have? Hit me up, or check out Adrienne’s page for all things SEO!

In this episode, Adrienne and I talk about:

  • Unveiling SEO Myths
  • Elevating User Experience
  • Reimagining Content Creation

We won’t shut up about static nine grids in this episode…

So take a look and see what the heck we’re talking about! It’s a strategic set of posts that you post on Instagram, and then you never have to post again. I mean, you can do reels or stories if you want. You could change it later, but you could also never scroll the ‘Gram again in your life.

The coolest thing about ’em is that I work with you to get really specific about your expertise, what you offer, and how people can work with you.

Go check out the guide to static 9 grids on instagram and see what all the hype is about!

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