ChatGPT, ICAs, & Brand Messaging with Cassie Paton

Casse Paton stands in front of an office window with a city view behind it. She's the guest this week on Eff That: Breaking the Rules of Online Business.

Cassie Paton of Mettle & Tonic and I are talking about brand messaging, ChatGPT, and our thoughts on ideal client avatars

When you’re asked to introduce yourself in a zoom networking meeting, do you know what to say or do you feel like you just ramble until someone saves you?

I’m a rambler for sure sometimes. But that might mean we gotta work on our brand messaging. 

So today I have Cassie Paton on to talk all about brand messaging and how she helps her clients get super clear on who they serve, what they believe, and how they can build a brand that their perfect-fit clients are ready to work with.

Cassie Paton is the copywriter and brand messaging strategist behind Mettle & Tonic.

She writes potent copy for gutsy entrepreneurs who want to stand out from the sea of same-old online. By focusing on the copy that makes the biggest splash in your business—like your website, email list-building, and launches—she helps you attract more of your perfect-fit prospects for a business worth loving.

Cassie and I chat about:

  • ChatGPT and how I don’t even really know what it’s called
  • Cassie’s take on how brand messaging and copywriting go hand in hand
  • All the noise that’s out there and how it can get in your way of defining your own brand messaging
  • The first two steps in Cassie’s brand messaging framework
  • Oh, and then we talk about our clashing views on ICAs (don’t worry… we’re still friends!)

I know it might seem like sometimes I’m giving course creators a hard time. But really the teacher in me just wants to make sure that no one is treating their students like passive income.

And I feel like the idea of passive income is the allure of selling courses, but really, they are a lot of work. And if you’re going to care about your students and their success, it’s going to be a lot of work.

So just keep that in mind when you’re deciding how to create your course, and how you’ll support your students.

How does your brand messaging stack up?

You gotta have that on point before you start making tons and tons of content so you know what you’re actually going to talk about.

But, if you’re still working it out, you can totally just start creating content to start figuring out what feels good and what doesn’t.

The main thing is, you gotta figure it out. Either by hiring someone like Cassie, or by just diving in and seeing that works and what doesn’t. Ya know?

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