Templates Won’t Get You There Faster

You might just be taking the long way around

This weekend I was taking the kids to hang out with one of my old teacher friends Andi. 

Her last name is Gooch, and my kids call her Goochie. Which reminds me of this rapper which I think makes it that much better.

Anyhoo… she lives about 30 minutes from our house and I always put it in my phone so I don’t have to even think about how to get there. I just follow the directions. 

But… this weekend, it took me a different way. 

I knew it was kind of taking me the wrong way, but because I always use my GPS I wasn’t as confident as I should have been about how to get there.

Don't rely on others' roadmaps for what makes your business unique: You. Take this advice from Gucci Mane, who is shown on an iphone sitting on top of a paper map, saying, "We are the authors of our lives. We are the writers of our own stories. We have the power to say who we are and what we want to be." -Gucci Mane

Since I’d never technically done the trip without the GPS I didn’t trust myself. 

So I just kept following the little directions on my screen, even though it definitely didn’t feel right.

I was even thinking to myself, maybe it knows about some sort of construction or accident that I don’t know about. (In other words, my phone is smarter than me.)

And who knows, maybe it is… but on this trip, I was freaking right! 

That ding dong phone took me a totally long way that added 10 minutes onto our already 30 minute drive.

From the back seat I hear: “Uuugghhhh. This is taking TOO LONG! It’s making me sleepy!!!” 😭

Sorry kid. 

I forgot that I’m a 42-year-old woman who’s driven to my friend’s house DOZENS of times and I totally know what I’m doing. 

It’s like I talk about in business…

All those roadmaps, scripts, templates, and swipes are meant to save you time. 

But you’re a smart cookie too, and what if they’re taking you the long way around. 

There’s other ways you can save time in your business. 

  • Don’t try to be on every platform
  • Make less content but make it better
  • Repurpose the content you do make

But the main differentiator in your business is YOU. If you rely too much on other people’s road maps, you start to lose your edge. The real reason people decide to work with you. 

Templates Won’t Get You There Faster - Great Content is About YOU

You want content that OOZES your personality.

That makes people stop and think.

Or has people saying, “Oh, she’s awesome!”

Not content that just checks a box on your to-do list. That sh*t is boring. Just sayin.

I’m also sayin’ that Gucci Mane apparently has a book called Gucci Mane’s Guide to Greatness which I miiiight want to read now. 😂

Ok, see ya next week.


PS… This week on the podcast I’m talking about collaborations being a double-edged sword when it comes to growing your online business. It’s an episode sparked by Matthew McConaughey ruining our 30 year relationship by doing a weird live event with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. 🤢 Click below to check it out!

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Making Sure Your Collaborations Are Aligned. Photo of three characters from Dazed and Confused.
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