Getting Feedback While Building Your Business

If you’ve taken a few online courses you know that they can totally help you build your business.

But you know what’s a seriously magical combination? 🪄 

Courses AND Feedback. 

And not just any feedback, feedback from an actual human being who knows you and understands your business. 

I’m starting to realize that it’s the thing that really makes the difference.

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🙁 If something needs improving, you’ll know.

😐 If you’re standing in your own way, you’ll know.

😀 If you just need a pat on the back and a “Heck yes! Release it into the world!” You can get that too.

For over two years as I’ve grown my business, I’ve had my coach Kathleen Oh by my side. I can check-in, show her what I’m thinking, and get real honest feedback.

And it’s been the combination of that, and Google, YouTube, and *some* of the courses I’ve bought that have helped me get out of my own way and take action.

The whole reason I created the Content Playhouse is because I wanted to give people that 1:1 feeling but at a price that won’t break the bank.

Because even if you’re making pretty good money in your business, you don’t want to give it all away to other online business owners.

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And if you find yourself spending on courses and you’re still not quite getting traction, the human connection and feedback might be the thing you’re missing.

Is this a sales email for Content Playhouse? I didn’t mean for it to be when I started writing, I swear. 😂

But I did create that program for when you want a real human to look at your business and give you feedback. 

In Content Playhouse you can chat with me on Voxer, email, or in our Slack community and get feedback on all the things you’re doing. 

I’m not saying you have to join us in the playhouse this December when doors open again, but I am saying that you need to have someone who can give you feedback on your business. 

It doesn’t have to be me… but it could be. 😬 J sayin. 



PS…. I was recently on my friend Erin Ollila’s podcast Talk Copy to Me talking about how I used private podcasts (like the Anti-Hustle Holiday) to grow my email list and my network! It’s a great episode!

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Speaking of Content Playhouse, the one and only Liz Wilcox will be the guest teacher in November! I made her this super fun video this summer to help promote her awesome email marketing membership. (that’s a proud affiliate link) Liz’s brand is so vibrant and fun, and I loved working on this with her. If you ever need help with launch materials, holla at your girl and we can chat about making that happen!

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