Unlock Your Creative Potential with Paulette Erato

Paulette Erato in a purple and black top on a purple background. The text reads: Eff That: breaking the rules of online business hosted by Deanna Seymour. Our guest this week covers creativity, even for the un-creative.

Can everyone really be creative? Even you?

Lemme ask you this… do you consider yourself creative? If you don’t why not? Is it because you’re not artistic? Or maybe because you “can’t draw”? 

Well, today I’m chatting with Paulette Erato all about creativity, and I’m hoping it’ll help you see yourself in a whole new light.

Paulette is the host of La Vida Más Chévere which is an inspirational podcast for all childfree, Spanglish-speaking Latines to find their confidence through creativity. She questions our societal norms around a LOT of things (like being childfree!) but also provides a platform for Latines to feel heard and seen. 

And… she’s super rad. Duh.

Paulette and I break down the idea of creativity:

  • What it really means to be creative
  • How you can reframe your definition of creativity
  • Why you shouldn’t worry about who’s watching your journey
  • And how to deal with the fear of doing things “wrong”

So I’m hoping that maybe after hearing this, you’ve maybe been able to realize that you have some creativity hiding somewhere inside you? And I’m really hoping that you’ve been inspired to say eff it and try some new things out just to see where they lead you.

Remember, creative doesn’t necessarily mean artsy. We’re all creative in our own ways, so now it’s time to go figure out what that means for you!

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