How to Avoid Decision Fatigue in Business

I’ve been thinking about how I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD and yet, I’ve figured out a way to plan my content for Quarters in my business. And I started wondering if that was unusual for someone with ADHD. 

“Can ADHD people plan ahead?” 👈 That’s what I Googled. Am I the only one who literally asks Google questions? Is that because of Ask Jeeves? 🤷‍♀️

Anyhoo… I found an article called Why Are People With ADHD Bad at Planning so, spoiler alert: apparently we are bad at planning. So how come I have ADHD and actually enjoy planning this way?

I also have something else… DECISION FATIGUE.

sleeping chihuahua, cheetah print blanket, decision fatigue

That’s my old chihuahua Frank up there. Isn’t he adorbs? 🥰

But, back to decision fatigue…

It’s basically the mental exhaustion we experience from having to make a crap ton of decisions every single day. And it makes it more and more difficult to make decisions the more exhausted you are.

As entrepreneurs, we’re constantly making decisions in our business. 

But then add on to that:

🙄 All the adulting we have to do

😫 Maybe parenting or caring for anyone else

🥱 Eating three meals a day… that’s a lot of decisions by itself.

😴 It’s exhausting.

So for me, having my Quarterly planning sheets helps me batch those content decisions and I don’t have to think about it anymore. 🥳

And when you start to think in terms of quarters, your content can become more strategic. There’s no point in wasting a bunch of time and energy creating content that isn’t getting you closer to your goals… amiright?

ouch gif, truth hurts

So if you’re ready to get your content plan together and have a community around you to help you implement that plan, Content Playhouse is OPEN for enrollment. 

If you have any questions or wanna talk more about if it would be a good fit for you, just hit reply and let’s talk it out!

BTW… My way of planning each Quarter doesn’t mean you have to have everything completely created and ready to go, you’ll still have plenty of space for creativity and spontaneity.

So if you want a blend of both those worlds, I got you boo.



PS… this week on the podcast I’m chatting with Phoebe Gavin about how to plan for your future self. Phoebe is super cool and has been featured in places like The Wall Street Journal, a Netflix documentary, and TIME magazine. So she knows her stuff. Just sayin. 😊

PPS… see how this email was totally planned to correlate with this week’s podcast episode? That doesn’t happen by accident. But also… I wrote this email on Monday at 12:17pm which left room for anything from my life I wanted to include. Like how tired I am raising two kids and having to feed them. 😂 (Why are they always so freaking hungry?!?)

But my past self made a note to tell my future self what the idea behind the email would be. It’s really magical. Like a meal plan, but for content. 😬

PPPS… I was on Copywriter on Call, Sara Gillis’ podcast recently and talked about how my business really started to grow when I started really letting my freak flag fly in my marketing. It’s a fun conversation, don’t miss it!

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