Work Life Balance for Solopreneurs with Phoebe Gavin

big fun content podcast with deanna seymour, phoebe gavin coach and planning for your future self

Phoebe Gavin and I are diving into how you can make decisions today that will help get you closer to where you wanna be tomorrow.

Would the future version of you approve of the things you’re doing today? Have you sat down a imagined what life will look like in ten years?

It can be so easy to get stuck into the grind and hustle of business, that you can get sucked into tunnel vision and forget your big picture goals. Plus, as entrepreneurs it can be even easier to get distracted by bright, shiny new ideas and it can suddenly feel like you’re being pulled in a thousand different directions.

I want a comfortable life, with no extraordinary big fame numbers, and I want to be a mom when my kids get off the bus instead of going back to my desk. What about you? What does your happy, successful, future self look like?

Phoebe is here providing practical tips and strategies for effective goal-setting, future pacing, and managing entrepreneurship’s mental sludge.

Phoebe and I chat about:

  • Work-life balance struggle
  • Overcoming bad boundaries and mental sludge
  • Building systems for scalability
  • Lifestyle business vs. enterprise building

Joining The Office with Phoebe!

If you are in a transitional phase, or you just listened to this episode and you are making some big 10-year plans, then Phoebe can help! Stop making shortcuts that your future self is gonna kick you for doing.

Whether you’re cruising around the corporate world, or you want to learn how to better craft your time as an entrepreneur, Phoebe’s group coaching can help you conquer your self-doubt and give your confidence the boost you need to start building a boomin’ business!

Check it out!

Connect with Phoebe

Phoebe Gavin is a career and leadership coach helping ambitious professionals build successful, fulfilling careers without sacrificing work-life balance. Phoebe Gavin is a career coach, speaker and trainer specializing in career strategy, negotiation and empathetic leadership.

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