Find Your Voice in Copywriting with Christina Torres

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Christina Torres is a copywriter who is all about finding your vibe and bringing a true voice to her work. Stop typing like a robot and listen to some great tips from Christina on how to sound like you, and find your voice!

Finding your voice is not just about writing how you speak. It’s about understanding the impact your voice has, the resonance it creates, and the connection it forms with your audience. We all have friends who we think are hilarious, inside jokes and giggles galore, but it doesn’t necessarily translate to everyone. Understanding your audience is key; it’s like communicating with your own unique friend group.

AI may have its place, but when it comes to imagery and sounding genuinely human, it still falls short. That’s where personal branding and a well-crafted voice style guide come into play. Finding a balance between client preferences and your natural speaking style is key.

It’s a sweet spot between pleasing your audience and staying true to yourself.

Ready to spice up your content game? Come listen to this episode! We might even discuss Gilmore Girls memes (minus those funky fonts πŸ˜„).

In this episode, Christina and I talk about:

  • Balancing client preferences and personal style
  • Importance of a voice style guide
  • Incorporating client language in messaging
  • Creating engaging and relatable content

Have a lightbulb moment about copywriting? Put it to work!

I see a lot of folks wanting to show up more in videos, but they struggle to know what to say. 🀐

Don’t worry. I got you, boo.

I create scripts for short-form videos so that they’re broken up line by line, easy to record, and super engaging for your audience.

To learn more about it just send me an email at πŸ’Œ

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