How to Plan a Vacation in Your Business

I’m gearing up to take some time off over here.

And since I’m a service based business with retainer clients and custom projects, I’ve been working hard to get my to-do list all checked off so I can check out when I hit the road tomorrow.

pink check marks over a mountain range and winding road with yellow text saying "let's do this thang". I'm going on vacation and I'm prepared to sign off.

I don’t think I’ve officially told you that I hired a virtual assistant! Whaaaaat? 🤯

Her name’s Emily, and she’s amazing. She’s helping me feel on top of all my marketing so I can focus on client work.

She’s helping me with podcast editing and with posting stuff on Instagram. So… if you’ve noticed me being better about posting stories lately, that’s all Emily. 😬

She posts them and then I get to do my favorite part… engage with my friends over there. So don’t worry… if there’s a comment or a DM it’s from me, I swear!

Emily’s just posting and ghosting and then I take over.

But it’s been AH-MAZING to have someone actually get the content posted for me.

I recently found myself creating a bunch of graphics and reels (things I LOVE doing) and then never actually post them because I was busy working on client stuff and just kept ignoring my calendar and notifications to post.

Now I don’t have to worry about it. 🎊

And for the next couple of weeks while I’m on vacation, Emily can post for me, and I get to still hop on when I want and chat with my IG buddies! Can you tell I’m super stoked about this?!? 😬

My new podcast is going to talk A LOT about showing up in ways that feel fun for you. And for me that means making the content (I like that part) and then just getting to hang out on the platform talking to the people (another thing I love about my job.)

At the end of each episode when I tell people to send me a DM I really do mean it.

I LOVE talking to people on Instagram. I just don’t love the actual posting.

So I got some help. 🤷‍♀️

No shame in my game. 😎

How about you… are you gonna get some time off this summer?

Deanna Seymour jumping into the pool with grass and trees behind her in a gif

How are you preparing for it? 🤔

I love a static 9 grid for this kind of thing. If I didn’t have help, I would feel 10000% confident NOT POSTING AT ALL for a few weeks and knowing that anyone who stumbles upon me will know exactly what I can do for them if they need me!

And even when you’re not on vaycay, you don’t feel that pressure to keep churning out content all the time.

Hit me up if you’d like to chat about me helping you get yours all set up. 


Client Feature:

Static 9 grid for Instagram showing work, life, balance and featuring the career coach Phoebe Gavin

Another Static 9 Grid! Phoebe Gavin has recently posted her 9 grid and I’m in love with it! She’s a career coach who talks a lot about the importance of Work, Life, and Balance. And she was even on a Netflix Documentary! Her work is super cool, so you should totally check her out. And spoiler alert: I’ve already interviewed her for Big Fun Content.  If you’d like to chat about how I can bring your 9 grid to life, book a chat. No pressure or sales, just seeing what we could possibly create together! 👯

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