How to Run a Business & Not Be On Your Phone

“I think we should really try to be on our phones less this weekend,” I said.

“I agree.” Matt replied.

“But I feel like everyone always gets so defensive when you try to call them out for being on their cell phones…maybe we should have a code word!” 

“Ok… like what?”

“Hmmm… coconut baby?”

A coconut dressed up like a baby in sunglasses and a pacifier sits on a blue background. Other whole and half coconuts are around it. Coconut baby is my and my husband's secret code word for "get off your phone!"

Who knows where that came from, but we both agreed to use the code word “coconut baby” if we saw the other one on their phone. With a word that silly, how could anyone react defensively?!?

A few weeks ago, Matt and I took the kids to Virginia Beach for a couple nights. We sprung for an oceanfront hotel room with a balcony (even with a little couch and coffee table area) and it was our first real stay in a hotel room with all four of us.

I had an absolute blast. We all did. And I think we only said the words “coconut baby” a couple of times. 

And neither one of us got defensive, which was freaking amazing.

When you’re growing a business it’s easy to think that you have to be on your phone.

You convince yourself that somehow scrolling is going to get you closer to a new client.

But is it really? 🤔

If you really take a second to think about where your clients are coming from, is it from you spending time on your phone?

Most of the time when I scroll Instagram I walk away feeling like I should be doing more. 😕

I watch a reel that has a tip and I think, “Oh yeah, I should do that.” 

Or I save a trending sound and think, “I should totally use that.” 

Then I stop scrolling, look up from my phone, re-enter the real world, and I immediately forget to do either of those things ever. 

Let me ask you this: Do you have a million screenshots of things you found inspiring on your phone that you NEVER look at again? Yeah, me too. 🥴

Since it’s summertime, I just wanted to remind you that you could have a code word for too much phone time too.

Maybe just for yourself, or with a partner, or even with your kids. 

It’s hard not to get defensive when someone calls you out for being on your phone. I mean… none of us want to be that person. 

But if I’m being honest with myself, I’m embarrassed sometimes when I see my average screen time. 🤦‍♀️

So, coconut baby… what could be your code word?

Hit reply and let me know! 🤣


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