Habit Change for Creatives with Lara Buelow

Laura Buelow wearing a colorful top and smiling at the camera while she leans on her elbow against a table. In the background the walls are covered in graffiti.

Why do we struggle with goals and how can we make them more fun & sustainable?

Have you ever felt like you sucked at making goals? I mean, maybe you’re good at making them but it’s the keeping them part that you’re not so hot at?

Ok, same. And this episode is for us. I’m talking with Lara Buelow today. She’s a certified professional coach that specializes in mid-career transitions and life design. But she also runs this really cool 30 day challenge called That Moxie Life. 

It focuses on creating change in your life, but in a way that’s super fun and takes into account what’s actually going on in your life. I participated in it last year and I wanted to have her on to talk about all this stuff, especially during the beginning of the year when you might be feeling super inundated with goal setting messages.

This conversation is really fun, and it helped me realize that setting goals is a lot more about choosing the right goals, and maybe less about trying to keep going on the goals that aren’t a fit for you.

Lara and I talk about:

  • What doesn’t usually work for people when it comes to typical goal-setting stuff out there.
  • The idea of having a two-minute habit.
  • How people can find the motivation to stick with their goals or habits.
  • How Lara came up with That Moxie Life and the three pillars of the program.

So, what do you think? Are you going to make some goals that are better suited for you and the person you wanna be in this world? Are you going to start giving yourself grace when it comes to becoming the person you want to be.

This shit is hard, so don’t beat yourself up. Just sayin.

Connect with Lara:

That Moxie Life | Lara’s Coaching Website | Instagram | Linkedin

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