Building a Community Online with Cara Steinmann

Cara Steinmann, Founder of the RAVEL Collective, smiles at the camera. She's the guest on this episode of Eff That Podcast.

Cara Steinmann and I talk about how & why she started The RAVEL Collective

What do you think of when you think of networking? Is it all stuffy BNI sort of meetings? Rules, awkward small talk, and feeling pressure to show up professionally…yikes.

I used to think that too. Until I joined The RAVEL collective. Described on the home page as RELATIONSHIPS, REFERRALS, COMMUNITY, & CONNECTION FOR WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS.

Hosted by Cara Steinmann it’s definitely a group that leads with relationships just as it’s described. And it inspired me to really focus on growing my network as part of my visibility strategy for my business.

Cara Steinmann is a business development strategist who helps women service entrepreneurs build strategic digital networks that improve their mental health and the health of their business.

Cara and I chat about:

  • What I picture when I hear the word “networking”
  • Why Cara started The RAVEL Collective
  • A lil’ bit about Linkedin that has me wanting to go back for more
  • Why we think building a strong referral network gives constantly making content a run for its money!

Using The RAVEL Collective to start your networking journey!

The RAVEL collective is a great place to start growing your network if you’re ready to dip your toe in the world of networking. It’s totally laid back, but super supportive and just an amazing place to meet other women growing their businesses too!

And Cara is amazing at teaching people how to be great connectors. And she’s a Linkedin pro too! You should definitely check her out!

I should also mention that I have a community that’ll be opening this fall that will be dedicated to collaborations and content making which will also be a fun place to meet other business owners too!

No matter what you do, I just think you should look around and try to find a community or two that will work with your personality and business goals. I think making time to connect with others will definitely pay off for you! Just sayin.

Ok, I’ll see ya next time with a big announcement… what a teaser…

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Website | RAVEL | Linkedin

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