Design Is More Than Just Decoration

The year was 2009 and my best friend’s kiddo was turning one.

We went to pick up the cake at the grocery store and as we waited, she showed me the photo in the book where she picked it out. 

When the person behind the counter emerged with the cake we felt like we were on that show Impractical Jokers.

It looked NOTHING like the photo. And of course as a new mom, you put a lot of pressure on yourself for things like first birthdays, so understandably she was pretty shook. 

The party was in a few hours and we had no other options. 

I was like, “We can totally fix this!” We headed to the baking aisle and grabbed some more icing, some star-shaped sprinkles, and I went home and scraped off all the decorations and re-did the cake while Gianna ran around doing the other million things mom’s do to make a day like that special.

I’m no cake decorator, but I think I did a pretty decent job. Right?

Anyways… my point is, graphic design (and cake decorating 😬) matters more than you might think.

Sometimes when you’re in the thick of running your business, graphic design can feel like an extra. Ya know, like icing on the cake. You might think of it as just decoration. 

But the truth is. It’s about WAY more than that.

⭐ It builds trust. 

When you show up consistently it feels safer to work with you because you feel familiar and people know what to expect

⭐ It provides clarity.

Good design doesn’t just look pretty. It presents your messaging in a way that is easier for your potential clients to understand. It highlights what’s important, and engages the viewer in a way that helps them understand you and your mission better.

⭐ It’s a competitive advantage.

That sounds sort of weird and bro-ish to say? But the truth is, there’s lots of people who do what you do. So being able to stand out, be recognizable, and look profesh is what’s gonna tip the scales in your favor when they’re deciding who to work with. 

So if you’ve been thinking that graphic design is for big businesses who can afford to just be fancy, I’d challenge you to rethink that for yourself.

Design is the competitive edge you need to stand out, just like this gray cat wearing a pink birthday hat next to a vanilla cupcake.

You can start showing up as your best self, building trust, and showcasing what makes you the best person for your dream client to hire.

If you’d like help doing that, hit me up! 

I’m booking for the end of July and into August now, so you could be heading into fall with your branding and graphics game on point! Just sayin.


PS… Full Disclosure: I’m not the biggest fan of cats, but Keaton is, so that birthday cat is for him. 😸🎂🥳

Client Feature:

Roben-Marie Smith the Art of Gathering and Teaching Ads and Graphics for her free Create and Thrive Audio summit

When I worked with Roben-Marie Smith on her Create & Thrive Audio Summit she knew she was going to want to make multiple seasons with different themes. I created the assets as Canva Templates so that each season she can change out the title and the speakers and be ready to roll. I’m all about helping you get set up for ease down the line! If you’re ready to bring your next big idea to life with beautiful design, let’s chat!

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