SEO + Case Studies with Brittany Herzberg

SEO, Content plan, Case studies, big fun content podcast, hosted by deanna seymour, brittany herzberg

What if writing saucy SEO doesn’t require sacrificing creativity or personality? SEO is like the extra credit for your business, and Brittany is going to tell you how to show up in the search, and how she works her case study magic.

Brittany Herzberg is here to de-mystify SEO strategies for us and share how she uses case studies to both drive her content plan and drive more traffic to our website. You can stand out in search by finding the perfect fit keywords for your business, so you look like a big fish in the tiniest of ponds!

In this episode, Brittany shares with us how to capture knock-out testimonials, then kick it up a notch as she shares her process for capturing case studies so you get a picture-perfect view of what you need to start writing to snag the attention of others in the big, bad world of SEO and Google searches.

In this episode, Brittany and I talk about:

  • Testimonials vs. Case Studies 🧐
  • Brittany’s PET Process🐾
  • Brittany’s SEO basics checklist✔️

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