I’m getting sucked back in by social media, but I have a plan…

I say that I HATE scrolling on my phone. Yet… I find myself doing it more than I’d like. 🙄

Back in the spring of 2020 I quit all social media. It lasted 6 weeks until I was really feeling a pull to get back on Instagram, so I did.

Fast forward to now, and…

😖 I’m back on Linkedin because I thought it’s where I “should” be to connect to fancier clients. (we can unpack that in a different email 🤣)

😖 I’m back on Facebook because some of the programs I pay for have a group on there. (but with zero friends and only on my computer)

😖 And, I joined TikTok about a month ago because I thought it sounded fun.

How did I let this happen?!?! 😭😭😭

Oh yeah, social media is designed to SUCK you back in, and I totally fell for it!

So here’s my new social plan:

Make 10 videos a month.

5 topics, repeated. That’s 10.

And I can post them on all three of those platforms. Instagram, Linkedin, and TikTok.

Outerspace and an explosion of color and a chart with a video posting content plan.

This is what I do for clients. Why am I making it so hard for me? 😫

So now I’m gonna be my own new client.

I’m adding myself to my client management system and setting up due dates, just like I do for my clients. BOOM. 💥

I mean, I don’t want to be on social media all the freaking time. This is just 10 videos that I can create and post a few times a week. That feels doable for me.

If you’re struggling to show up in video too and you wanna make it easier and more fun, you can be my new client too.

We can start together! 🤣👯‍♀️

I’ll use your old blog posts, podcast episodes, and emails to write line-by-line scripts that you can record on your phone. You drop them in a Google Drive folder to me, and 2 weeks later you have them back: fully edited with hooks and CTAs ready to post wherever you want. I even write the captions for you if that’s one more thing standing in your way.

You don’t have to worry about getting rid of watermarks or anything like that, because they’re yours to post wherever you like.

And the due dates keep you accountable to making it happen.

Plus… I’m fun to work with. Just sayin. 😂

If you wanna talk about it more,  hit me up .

Ok, I’m off to post a video! 🤪


Client Feature:

Taran Conwell Undomestic Mom brand board with colors and fonts and graphic elements in all blacks, white, and grays, with one neutral.

Taran was on my podcast that just came out, so I thought I’d show off her amazingly monochromatic branding. Here’s a quick convo:

Taran: “Am I allowed to just have blacks and grays?”

Me: “You can do whatever you want! It’s YOUR brand!”

We played around with a bright pink + a tennis ball yellow-green for a second, but ultimately she knew what she wanted. That was this chill (mostly black, white, and gray) brand. I love helping people build a brand THEY love.

If you love it, you’re gonna talk about your business + promote yourself with next-level confidence. And THAT is going to be what your ideal clients are attracted to, you sexy thang! If you want some branding you love,  I’d love to be the lady to help ya do it.  😘

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