Be Ready to Hustle (but only if you want to)

Here’s what the email said: “We are thrilled to have you and your child/children join us for the Running Club!  Layer up for warmth!”

Even though they said it would be back in the Spring, which officially isn’t until the 20th, running club is back at my kid’s school. 🙄

Wake up 20 minutes early, rush out the door, and freeze my buns off while pretending I like physical activity to be a good role model for my kid, cool.

I didn’t want to do it. But, my kid begged, so I begrudgingly agreed.

“But I’m wearing my crocs, and I’m bringing my coffee.” I thought to myself.

Sparkly crocs, leopard shirt, and green iced coffee cup with straw. Standing on a gravel road with tiny pebbles.

But… I forgot about those annoying little pebbles. 😭

They kept sneaking into my crocs and it was ridiculously annoying. Ruby found a friend to run with and I scooted off to the pebble-free sidewalk to enjoy my coffee.

It was exactly what I’d wished for. NOT running + enjoying coffee. 

Standing on the sidelines gave me a front-row seat for people watching.

There were grownups who took running club pretty seriously. Kids who were sprinting, jogging, skipping… one kid even took a break to hop up on a bench by the baseball field to do a lil’ balance beam routine. #respect

Everyone was doing their own thing and having fun.

Then I started to feel like I was stuck on the sidelines in my ding dong crocs. 😣 It wasn’t the freedom I had positioned it to be.

I started kind of wishing I’d worn my sneakers just in case I wanted to participate more actively. 

It got me thinking about hustling in our businesses.

Giving yourself permission TO hustle when you’re excited about something.

If you wear your crocs, you might not be able to hustle, even if you want to.

So I guess what I’m saying is: I’m all for bashing hustle culture, because that ish isn’t sustainable, but maybe give yourself the option, just in case the spirit moves you. (I don’t think I’ve ever said “the spirit moves you” in my life, but it’s cracking me up, so I’m keeping it here. 😂) 

I’ll be real: I’ve been hustling my booty off to get Steal This Course finished by the 1st of March. 

Spoiler Alert: It’s done, and I’m so freaking proud of it. It might be the thing I’m MOST proud of in my business to date. 🥰

Monday I recorded a behind-the-scenes interview with Maggie Patterson and Dr. Michelle Mazur, hosts of the podcast Duped: The Dark Side of Online Business. I’m calling it a never expiring bonus and it’s on my sales page with a ridiculously long timer set to expire on my 100th birthday. 😂

And speaking of hustling, this week on the podcast I’m talking to Taran Conwell about The Naptime Hustle Myth. It’s a spicy episode where we call out some stuff! Click below to listen on your favorite platform. 

Especially if you’re a mom, you’re building a business, and you feel like you should be further along in your business. We got your back. 😘


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