My imperfect journey and how it all connects

Deanna Seymour with a bird mask on and flashing two peace signs on a yellow background with purple dots

On this episode I do a deep dive into all the businesses I’ve had and reflect on how I’ve landed on what the eff I’m doing today…

Oh, and that’s me with a weird bird mask on at a photo booth event I did back in 2013. 🤷‍♀️

Here’s a quick timeline with visuals:

Missing Monsters

Missing Monster examples around Richmond
Here’s a few of the monsters that I “found” around town.
Missing Monsters forms for people to turn in.
The very first “order form” when it was called Lost Monsters. The flyers I would hang around town and people could tear off a strip from the bottom. I’m old school y’all.
Monster mural on Cary Street by Deanna Seymour.
In 2013 I painted this mural with the ideas from friends and family on Cary Street, right around the corner from our first house on Parkwood.

MissFit Aerobics

MissFit Aerobics showing a "you're beautiful" pin and a poster example. Plus scrunchies!
Body Positive Buttons. Flyers I hung around town to spread the word. Scrunchies I sewed from old thrift store clothes. I had a registration event at Rumors Boutique and I taught classes in the vacant building before it was for Quirk Hotel.

Pin Pals

Pin Pals examples and my booth with Jason helping people make pins on First Friday.
One of Jason’s pins. Me and Jason letting people make some buttons during First Fridays. And the google website I build to get the word out. I’m old.
Pin Pals art show at Gallery 5. I also got married here!
Here’s lil’ old me at the Pin Pals art show at Gallery 5 in Richmond to raise money for Art 180. There are the pins we made for wedding party favors. We got married at Gallery 5 too!

LOL Richmond

Anniversary party at World of Mirth toy store
A fun anniversary party at World of Mirth, the toy store that also sold Missing Monsters, and the photo booth at the pool party that my cousin Denise threw for her husband Mike’s 40th birthday!

Wild Design Photography

Wild Design kids
Kids being authentically themselves at Wild Design. Ahhh… it seriously makes me so happy to look at these. What cool kids, every single one I photographed.

The Lively Nest

The Lively Nest graphics showing social justice art.
Dance Party! Social Justice. Art. They’ve always been themes in my life.

Imperfect Party

A cloud on a button. Imperfect party cover photo. And a rainbow that says "fuck it" across the bottom.
More buttons. My podcast. And the mantra that I tell myself when I start to feel perfectionism start to creep in and make me feel bad, or scared, or less than.

There’s some tears in this episode…

There’s a lot of feelings that come up when you’re reminiscing. But I can honestly say that as I put this post together I’m nothing but freakin’ proud of all the things I’ve done. Not to mention teaching art this whole time. Fundraising over 10k for my students, being the SCA sponsor and being voted coolest teacher three years in a row. Just sayin’.

I had Ruby when I was 35. A “geriatric” pregnancy. Haha. I’ve done a ton of livin, and it’s all led me here. And I’m so excited to build a community of moms who wanna rekindle the fun and creativity and hobbies that they had before there were kids. I’d love for you to join me.

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