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EFF THAT: Breaking the Rules of Online Business

Eff That is a podcast for rebel online business owners, freelancers, and creative entrepreneurs who are tired of prescriptive marketing methods and sleazy sales tactics and want to find what works for them.

If you wanna stop wasting money on gimmicks you don’t need and run your business however the eff you want to, grab your headphones. 

And we maaaaybe throw a lil’ shade at the industry. 

Yellow rectangle with the words "sales pages gone wild" and a photo of a women in a blue dress with a colorful explosion where her head should be. Also the words "results not typical" and a cartoon middle finger
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Nurse Missy
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Photo of Host of the Imperfect Party Deanna Seymour in a yellow shirt and the text reads new episodes every other wednesday

So wait... why is this thing private?

Because we're allowed to do things however the eff we want! 😎

Oh, snap! I want in on the fun!

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