You’re in Charge of Your Content Recipe

Matt played a show on Saturday, and my mother-in-law was in town and could watch the kids, so I got to go! 🎉

We’ve been on a strict self-imposed budget in the Seymour house since January, but I was hitting the town and ready to drop twelve bucks on a spicy margarita.

Closeup of my very own spicy margarita recipe in a rocks glass complete with jalapeno simple syrup.

Last summer I tried a few times to make my own. But since I’d never actually had one I was just kind of winging it like I was on that show Chopped.

✨ I simmered fresh jalapeños in water and then turned that into a simple syrup. 

✨ I sprinkled some cayenne in my glass one time to see if that worked.

But I was excited that on Saturday I’d get to taste a “real” one. And… It was probably THE worst drink I’ve ever tasted. 🤢

I actually could not physically bring myself to drink it. So I decided to ask the bartender if I could trade it in for the cheapest, bottom-of-the-barrel rum and coke. 

I said, “I’ve never had one, I’m sure this tastes exactly how it’s supposed to… I just can’t handle it!” (I sort of implied it was only about the heat, but truth be told: I hated the whole thing… it was as I’ve already said, the worst drink I’ve ever tasted. And I can’t really think of any drinks I wasn’t able to finish…ever.) 🤣

Live band playing at a bar with guitars drums and singers

As I stood there watching my boo and his bandmates on stage I started thinking: 

🤔 Maybe the margs I made last summer were good.

🤔 Who decides what’s a “real” margarita (or a fake one for that matter)

🤔 And also, “Dang! I shoulda given myself more credit!” I mean, I made a jalapeño infused simple syrup. That’s some fancy ish right there!

The truth is, you don’t need to taste the “real” version of anything to experiment on your own. 

You have permission to create anything you want without knowing the “right” way to do it.

You can start your podcast, write your blog posts, come up with your new lead magnet without knowing what you’re “supposed” to do. And you could still totally crush it.

Just sayin.


PS… I’m gearing up to take some time off this summer, so if ya have a project you’d like some help with, hit me up before June 30th so we can make sure you’ll be first on my calendar when I get back to work mid-late July!

Client Feature:

Static 9-grid Instagram feed advertising a business and custom graphics for Natalie Ash, an business consultant

Another Static 9 Grid! Natalie Ash is a Business Operations rock star and she’s all about the systems and making them better for your business! I love how creating these helps free up my clients from having to be a content machine over on Instagram.

Natalie felt like she was holding back from promoting her business because she felt like her Instagram wasn’t showing off her expertise. Now she can send people here for a clear, concise, compelling representation of exactly how she can help them!

And it’s super on-brand and professional. If you’d like to chat about how I can bring your 9 grid to life, book a chat. No pressure or sales, just seeing what we could possibly create together!

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