Halloween Costumes of Years Past…

As a basic mom, I just wear either my dress with bats on it or my new peachy sweatshirt with a jack-o-lantern face on it when we go trick or treating. 

My best friend Natalie (who also has two young kids) dressed up as this old photo of The Rock.

dwayne johnson, the rock, black turtleneck, dwayne the rock johnson, fanny pack

Then I started thinking that I used to put more energy into dressing up for Halloween!

I was good at it!

And then I was thinking… a lot of my costumes were actually food-related. 😂

There was the year I was cotton candy, then a gumball machine. And then the year I was sushi. I thought that one was extra cute. 🍣

Halloween costumes, cotton candy costume, gumball machine costume, sushi costume, deanna seymour

These days I just let my kids take center-stage. They were Catboy from PJ Masks and Audrey “The Queen of Mean” from Descendants. And I’m just there to carry all the pieces of their costumes they decide are annoying and/or uncomfortable. 

Tails, masks, tiaras, wigs, I feel like it all starts coming off little by little. 

Speaking of being in Halloween mode this week, I have Brittany Gardner on the podcast talking about 3 creative ways to reuse content so you don’t ghost your audience! 👻 I think I’m V clever. 😬

We all think about repurposing, but she’s got some other tricks up her sleeve! (I cannot stop with the Halloween puns!) Anyhoo… you should totally check it out.

And I’m dying to know… did you dress up as anything? Hit reply and tell me! 



PS… as I’m wrapping up recording for this season of the Anti-Hustle Holiday Series I’m realizing that I just love food, it’s who I am. So many people are talking about family recipes and I want to try them all! 😋If you get the all-access pass you can start listening to past seasons now. Season 3 drops on Monday, November 27th. 

PPS… I was on the Made Remarkable podcast with Kellee Wynne recently talking about how to write non-boring emails. Ya know… like ones that talk about your Halloween costumes of the past, but then relate to a new podcast you just recorded about not ghosting your audience! I explain how I approach email, and why I love it so much! 

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